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PLEASE DO NOT DELETE THIS Users may feel free to add any other rep here, steamtrades.com, /SGS rep, /GCXRep, etc but understand that the only fully accepted rep on /indiegameswap is on /IGSRep. Traders may reject trades for any suspicion and should feel free to contact the mods for background checks
SteamRep barter.vg SGS Flair GameTradeRep
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2020.09.20 16:11 AutoModerator It's the /r/melbourne random discussion thread [Monday 21/09/2020]

Welcome to the /Melbourne Daily Discussion Thread! For up to date traffic information VicRoads
For up to date train information Metro Trains Twitter
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For up to date (hopefully) bus information Transdev Twitter
For up to date regional train information Vline
For network changes and disruptions PTV Twitter
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2020.09.20 16:10 chisoxbot GAME THREAD: White Sox (34-18) @ Reds (26-27) - Sun Sep 20 @ 12:10 PM

White Sox (34-18) @ Reds (26-27)

First Pitch: 12:10 PM at Great American Ball Park
Pitcher TV Radio
White Sox Dylan Cease (5-2, 3.20 ERA) NBCSCH WGN
Reds Michael Lorenzen (2-1, 4.56 ERA) FSO WLW
MLB Fangraphs Brooks Baseball Reddit Stream Discord
Gameday Game Graph Strikezone Map Live Comments /baseball Discord

Pitcher Notes

Team Notes
White Sox Cease has not won a start since Sept. 3. He also hasn’t lost a start since Aug. 23, although the team is 2-2 in his past four outings. Cease is 0-1 with a 3.27 ERA in Interleague action this season.
Reds Lorenzen was given the nod again to start again based on the success of his last outing. On Tuesday, in his first start since 2018, he was strong for five innings and 76 pitches, yielding just one earned run on four hits and no walks with six strikeouts.

Line Score

Box Score

Lineups will be posted closer to game time.
Posted at 9:10 AM. Updates start at game time.
Remember to sort by new to keep up!
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2020.09.20 16:10 MarlinsBot Game Thread: 9/20 Nationals (19-31) @ Marlins (27-24) 1:10 PM

Nationals (19-31) @ Marlins (27-24)

First Pitch: 1:10 PM at Marlins Park
Pitcher TV Radio
Nationals Max Scherzer (4-3, 4.04 ERA) MASN 106.7
Marlins Sandy Alcantara (2-2, 3.45 ERA) FSFL WINZ, WAQI (ES)
MLB Fangraphs Brooks Baseball Reddit Stream IRC Chat
Gameday Game Graph Strikezone Map Live Comments Freenode: #reddit-baseball

Line Score

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
WSH 0 0 0
MIA 0 0 0

Box Score

Lineups will be posted at game time.
Posted at 10:10 AM. Updates start at game time.
Remember to sort by new to keep up!
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2020.09.20 16:10 RedSoxGameday Game Thread: 9/20 Yankees (31-21) @ Red Sox (19-34) 1:07 PM

First Pitch: 1:07 PM at Fenway Park
Pitcher TV Radio
Yankees Deivi Garcia (2-1, 3.28 ERA) YES WFAN, WADO (ES)
Red Sox Tanner Houck (1-0, 0.00 ERA) NESN WEEI, WCCM 1490 (ES)
Game Preview
Reddit Stream for this post

Line Score

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
NYY 0 0 0
BOS 0 0 0

Box Score

Lineups will be posted at game time.
Posted at 10:10 AM. Updates start at game time.

Tracker MLB.com Game Graph
Game Notes Red Sox Yankees
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2020.09.20 16:07 niuz-bot Hackerii au divulgat datele personale a 1000 de poliţişti din Belarus, ca răzbunare pentru încercarea de a reprima protestele: ”Pe măsură ce arestările continuă, vom continua să publicăm date la scară largă” - [Anchete]

Hackerii au divulgat datele personale a o mie de poliţişti din Belarus, ca răzbunare pentru acţiunile de reprimare a demonstraţiilor de stradă împotriva preşedintelui Alexandr… Mai departe »
Citeste in continuare: https://www.g4media.ro/hackerii-au-divulgat-datele-personale-a-1000-de-politisti-din-belarus-ca-razbunare-pentru-incercarea-de-a-reprima-protestele-pe-masura-ce-arestarile-continua-vom-continua-sa-publicam-date.html
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2020.09.20 16:02 niuz-bot Hackerii au divulgat datele personale a 1.000 de polițiști din Belarus - [Actualitate][Internațional]

Hackerii au divulgat datele personale a 1.000 de ofițeri de poliție din Belarus ca răspuns pentru represiunea manifestărilor de stradă împotriva președintelui Alexandr Lukașenko, relatează Reuters, citat de Mediafax. „Pe măsură ce arestările continuă, vom continua să publicăm date la scară masivă”, potrivit unei declarații distribuită de canalul de știri al opoziției Nexta Live pe aplicația de mesagerie Telegram. Guvernul a anunțat că îi va găsi și pedepsi pe cei responsabili pentru scurgerea datelor, care au fost distribuite pe scară largă pe canalele Telegram sâmbătă seara.
Citeste in continuare: https://www.hotnews.ro/stiri-international-24296811-hackerii-divulgat-datele-personale-1-000-politisti-din-belarus.htm
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2020.09.20 16:00 TwinsGameday PRE GAME THREAD: Twins (32-22) @ Cubs (31-21) - September 20, 2020

Twins (32-22) @ Cubs (31-21)

First Pitch: 6:08 PM at Wrigley Field
Pitcher TV Radio
Twins Jose Berrios (4-3, 4.15 ERA) ESPN WCCO, twinsbeisbol.com (ES)
Cubs Yu Darvish (7-2, 1.86 ERA) ESPN WSCR, WRTO (ES)
MLB Fangraphs Brooks Baseball IRC Chat
Gameday Game Graph Strikezone Map Freenode: #reddit-baseball
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2020.09.20 16:00 Angel466 [Bob the hobo] A Celestial Wars Spin-Off Part 0166

For the next few hours, Robbie stayed with Mason while Daniel interviewed him, fully expecting the worst of the detective. Things such as cruel swipes about career choices or being a junkie, or the likes.
As it turned out (credit where it was due and all), without Llyr around to wind him up, the detective was a really decent guy. He should’ve realised that before this. He’d only spoken to Daniel a few times in passing and moulded his low opinion based on those moments of friction and what Sam had told him. And no fault to Sam for siding with his father in things (because that’s what good sons did) but Robbie knew Llyr could bring out the worst in anyone, given enough time. Hopefully, that would change now that things were finally moving in the right direction with Ivy, but time would tell on that score.
Bottom line, instead of being an overbearing and demanding brick, Daniel was sympathetic and understanding, taking a lot of breaks, and even going as far as to get some snacks for them while Mason cried on Robbie’s shoulder for a few minutes.
Hence the many hours instead of the one or two Robbie had been anticipating. It was well after four when Daniel called it a day and Mason’s parents were finally allowed back into the room. At first, Mr and Mrs Williams had rushed excitedly to the bed, but once they realised Robbie had been allowed to stay with their son during the interview while they'd been forced to wait outside, they were far from happy.
“Ma’am, sir. Due to circumstances beyond any of our control, Robert O’Hara is privy to confidential information regarding this case which quite frankly, you are not,” Daniel said, stepping in before things could spiral once more. “It is as simple as that. Either Mr O’Hara was in the room when I interviewed your son, or no one would have been.”
Mason’s eyes flared at the potential blow-up and his fingers hooked around Robbie’s wrist to keep him close.
Seeing that, it still took the Williams’ almost a minute to accept it with any hint of decorum. Mrs Willams was the first to speak. “Be that as it may, and Robbie dear, I do appreciate you being here for him all this time, but would you mind if we had some time with our son now, please?”
“Ma, no! Robbie promised…”
Robbie nudged Mason’s shoulder to silence him. “Give your parents this, man. They’ve been waiting just as long to see you awake as I have. I can catch you up on everything that’s been happening in the apartment when I come back…”
“You better…” Mason growled, with a sulky pout.
“Mason,” his mother warned with a frown.
“But Ma…he knows the …”
“I don’t care if he’s on a first-name basis with the bloody President, boy! You don’t be giving your ma any of your lip or I’ll knock you right back into a coma!” Tod Mason shot back.
Then, as if to completely undermine any tough guy stance he might’ve been taking, the older Williams man hooked his hand around his son’s neck and hauled him away from Robbie and into a tight embrace. “And don’t you ever, ever scare me like that again.” He gave him an even tighter hug, then pushed him out to arm’s length, as if embarrassed by the show of emotion and squeezed his shoulder. “You hear me, son?”
Mason was shellshocked by the open display of emotion. “U-Uuhh, y-yeah,” he stammered. “I-I…”
But that was as far he got, for Robbie used the embrace to extract himself from behind Mason and Mrs Williams swooped in for her hug on that side, with no intention of letting go.
Watching Mason being fussed over by his parents, Robbie couldn't help but smile somewhat enviously as he joined Daniel near the door. “I’ll be back tomorrow, buddy. Promise,” he added, and as Mason’s eyes met his over his mother’s shoulder, he blew him a two-fingered air kiss in farewell.
“Thanks for your time, Mr Williams,” Daniel added, with a nod and smile of appreciation to Mason.
With that, he and Robbie left the Williams to their reunion.
“I owe you an apology,” Robbie admitted after they had some distance between them and Mason's room.
Daniel glanced across at him. “How so?”
“I had you pegged as a total mass-role and I was wrong.” As Daniel’s lips kicked up on one side at his terminology, Robbie growled and shook his head, waving his hand through the air. “Don’t bucking say it. I’m still technically in my first day of profanity prison and it already sucks.”
“Profanity prison,” Daniel repeated, with an amused, though sagely nod. “I like that. But why technically?"
"Pop and Aunt Collette had me inside my head for what amounted to six months last night."
Daniel grimaced. "So a one-month sentence just got turned into a seven-month sentence. That's gotta bite."
Robbie went to flip him the bird and thought better of it, curling his fingers into a loose fist instead. "And then some," he agreed.
"Has anyone told you to try non-swearing alternatives?”
It was Robbie’s turn to nod. “Yeah, but old habits die hard.”
“If it’s any consolation, it gets easier.”
“I certainly hope so. Because it’s a royal pain in the wrasse at the moment.”
“Speaking of being inside your head, you’re going to have to practice balancing out your emotional states before and after internalising.”
Robbie’s narrowed gaze slid to the right. “Excuse me?”
“You internalised just after that phone call fro your roommate's boss. I know, because from one instant to the next, your aura went from the bronze of murderous to the sapphire blue of everything being completely under control. It wasn’t a natural progression.”
“You were weaving me?!”
“I was watching you … through the eyes of a weaver. Not the same thing as weaving you,” he corrected. “But we’re getting off track. Most people can’t see your aura go from bronze to blue the way I can, but they can still sense it. To them, it's as if you’ve changed moods in an instant. Like a schizophrenic. And if you’re not careful they’ll start suspecting you are one. How long were you actually gone?”
Robbie shrugged without knowing. “A while. Without Pop and Aunt Collette being with me, I don’t really know how to make a clock work in there.”
Daniel snorted in surprise. “Never really thought about how difficult that would be,” he admitted.
“Yeah, it’s a witch … DANG IT!” Robbie shouted, taking a small hopping step that landed both his feet on the floor in a childish stomp of frustration. "I'm getting fed up to the back teeth with this rhyming full-pit!"
Daniel gave a quiet, dark chuckle.
It was still loud enough. "Tuck you!" Robbie swung a sideways kick at him, but Daniel easily jumped out of the strike range. "Okay," the detective laughed, holding up a finger in a blend of warning and surrender. "Enough. This is a hospital, and if we don't quieten down, I'll have to arrest us both." With an impish glint to his eyes, he leaned forward and added, "Or worse. We'll be forced to explain ourselves to my mother."
That brought up an interesting point to Robbie. "Who is your mother?"
"Lady Col."
Robbie stumbled a step. "Lady Col's your mom?"
"Yeah," Daniel drawled, all sense of amusement evaporating until he was casting an accusatory look Robie's way. "Why?"
It was Robbie's turn to hold his hands up in surrender, going as far as to step away from the detective. "Nothing, man. Honest. I just didn't make that connection. Llyr said he brought Lady Col in and used his favour to bring Mason back to us, so I never realised you and Mason's surgeon were connected." Resuming his pace, he added, "Speaking of crippled roommates, are you okay with me going over to One Police Plaza to check up on Angelo before I go home?”
Daniel nodded curtly but placed a guiding hand on Robbie’s shoulder. “You’ll never get in without me,” he said, steering him towards the men’s room at the end of the hall. “Just relax, and let me lead.” They opened the first door that separated them from the hallway, but instead of walking on through into the second door that led to the urinals and toilet stalls, Daniel held him still until the first door closed. Then he realm-stepped them both to a darker corner of the car lot behind the twelve-plus story building that made up 1PP.
Daniel had a point. Just because he could realm-step anywhere, he needed to know where he was going first. He'd never even been to One Police Plaza.
Nor would he have gotten inside without Daniel. The number of checkpoints and badge swipes was ridiculous! Fortunately, he didn’t have anything on him but his wallet and phone, so his initial wave down by the officers out the front didn’t amount to much and the two were cleared to go further into the building.
Robbie followed half a step behind Daniel, allowing the older man to deal with anyone they came across. That didn’t stop someone from colliding with his shoulder.
Robbie half spun with the hit, noticing almost in an afterthought the white tails of a lab coat and the high shine of the black alligator leather shoes beneath the long dress pants. Fancy shoes … nice salary …Shirk,” he still snapped at the disappearing doctor.
The guy didn’t even look back, let alone apologise. Rude brick.
A few paces later, they found Angelo and Lucas in one of the interview rooms. The desk had been covered by a thin, rollout mattress and instead of sitting in the chairs, Angelo was lying on his side with an NYPD blanket rolled up as a pillow. At first, Robbie thought he was asleep, but as the door clicked shut, his blood-filled eyes cracked a fraction and his lips curled into a sleepy smirk. “Heyyyy, there you are,” he slurred, unable to keep his eyes open.
Robbie frowned and he looked up at Lucas, who held his hands up in amusement. “I tried to stop him,” he said with an amused snort.
“Stop who?” Daniel demanded.
Lucas immediately dropped his hands and straightened where he sat at the head of Angelo’s makeshift bed. “The pain meds wore off a while back, and a doctor came in to readminister more. You must’ve passed him in the hallway…”
“Nobody here knows about his injuries to his feet,” Daniel growled, and suddenly Robbie’s heart fell below his stomach. Lucas’ eyes widened in horror, but Robbie was already rushing to Angelo’s side. Daniel went to the wall and triggered an alarm of some kind that red lights flickering alongside the lights in the ceiling.
Robbie grabbed Angelo’s head and reefed the makeshift pillow out from under him, laying him flat on his back.
Bubbles of blood were already frothing on his parted lips and the bloody tears streaked down one side of his face. His eyes rolled back into his head and his body went into convulsions. “FUCK!” Lucas swore, sweeping in from the other side. “Rob! Roll him!” he commanded, already having Angelo’s hips and swinging them to one side to help try and clear his airway.
Not that it would do any good. It was clear to anyone with eyes that Angelo had been poisoned and was dying right in front of them. Nothing was going to save him. Nothing …
... but a miracle.
Robbie looked at Daniel, who was already on his way out the door to chase down the missing doctor. “Daniel!” he shouted, knowing of the two of them, the detective would be far more familiar with what needed to be done. But when Daniel refused to stop, Robbie made the only decision he thought he could.
Taking the tefsla bracelet in one hand, he shifted the other thin enough to slip it over his wrist, barely wasting the time to appreciate the brightness of the colours that snapped back all around him.
He placed that hand on the back of Angelo’s turned head. “Don’t you dare die on me, Angelo Trevino.”
He had never wanted anything so much in his life.
And it showed.
* * *
Previous Part 165
((All comments welcome))
I made a family tree/diagram of the Mystallian family that can be found here
For more of my work including previous parts or WPs: Angel466 or indexed here
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2020.09.20 15:57 jjcollier Greenville voter's Guide

On Thursday, Governor McMaster enacted legislation affecting voting procedures for November's election. Now that we know how voting will go, here's how to do it:
1) Register NOW (and check your registration)
2) Voting in Person
3) Voting Abstentee
If you do not vote in person at your precinct on Nov. 3, but wish to have the most up-to-date information when voting, the best approach is to request an absentee ballot now and return it in person before 7:00PM on Nov 3.
If anyone has any questions, please post them. Remember that misinformation about voting is a common voter suppression tactic, so always verify everything you hear (including this post!). SCVotes.gov is your best reliable source for information on voting.
If you or anyone you know needs help with any of these steps (for example: transportation to the DMV to obtain an ID, transportation to the Registration/Elections Office for any of the above steps, or to find a witness for your absentee ballot), please post here and we may be able to arrange help from the community.
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2020.09.20 15:52 AutoModerator Daily Discussion Post - September 20 Questions, images, videos, comments, unconfirmed reports, theories, suggestions

The WHO pages contain up-to-date and global information. Please refer to our Wiki for additional information and an FAQ.
Well-sourced map and date (Johns Hopkins)
Join the user-moderated Discord server (we are not responsible for this)
Tracking coronavirus: Map, data and timeline - BNO News Live wire service
Join COVID19 for scientific, reliably-sourced discussion. Rules are enforced more strictly there than here in Coronavirus going forward.
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2020.09.20 15:50 FHLBot Huesca vs Cádiz - La Liga, 20-Sep-2020

Match: Huesca vs Cádiz
Competition: La Liga
Date: 20-Sep-2020
Time: 14:00 GMT (convert to local time)
Venue: Estadio El Alcoraz
Referee: César Soto
Do not post any spoilers, follow the rules, and make sure to upvote the contributors if you liked their content.
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2020.09.20 15:46 parsing_trees FAQ: Getting Seeds, New Releases, Strain Info, and Affiliates

Last updated 2020-09-20 13:40 pm UTC: Created new FAQ thread, to remove several months of old comments. The previous one will point here, and instead of using a pinned post the FAQ will be linked on the sidebar / subreddit about page. Some reformatting. Added questions about affiliates (Night Owl, Chef Anna, Mainely Autos).
Previously: Removed info about August 14 US drop; everything has been shipped for weeks. Worldwide store appears to be closed again, the EU and UK ones may be too. Canadian store info, noted rough dates for new Artisanal and Illuminauto releases. Linked info about grow-offs.
The Mephisto website has its own FAQ, a Grow Guide, and a Strain Guide. There are also community autoflower growing guides on the autoflowers subreddit's sidebar / about page.

When / what are the next releases?

It is looking like an October release [for the Illuminautos] atm. Livers bx1 artisnal release is now planned in September.
We have 5 new illuminatuos ready, and another 5 soon to finish, 5 more Reservas for part 2 release, limited editions, and the Livers bx1 release all to try and work in before end of year.
There's no strain description for Livers bx1 yet, but there is a tester grow report. It is an auto Blues/Livers crossed back to the photoperiod Livers cut, then worked for several generations to re-stabilize autoflowering but with even more traits from the Livers side.

What are Illuminautos?

From the strain guide:
The Mephisto Genetics illuminautos Secret Society Strains are a collection of highly anticipated new crosses between our lines. We use them as a test bed to find the best strains to add in to our main catalogue. These are cheaper than our main catalogue items, but please note the majority are untested, besides our usual germination quality and quality control tests.
The 2020 Illuminauto lineup hasn't been announced yet.

Stores, Seedbanks, Getting Seeds

What regional stores are there?

US, Canada, EU, UK, "Worldwide" (other countries, see Mephisto's FAQ: Shipping).
Mephisto does not ship across regions -- if you're in the US, CA, EU, or UK, you can only order from that region's store, not the other regions' stores or Worldwide.

When will the US store be open?

The US store is now closed, most recently open August 14. stan says:
Not until late September with a new release. Taking some time off after this[.]
(where "after this" means shipping the August 14 orders -- in other words, he's taking time off until the store reopens in late September.)
To deal with continued shipping delays with USPS we have decided to limit the amount of orders we take through the store. Our hope is that this will allow us to process orders in a timely manner, but also have the bandwidth to follow up with customer service issues that could result from extended shipping delays. The store will close when we hit our order limit, this does not mean all items are sold out. WE expect to hit this limit in the first few hours of store opening, so be sure to place your order as quickly as possible.
Not "only" new releases, but the US store will focus heavily on new releases. For months without a big release the store should open as normal, unless everything continues to sell out right away. [...] Trying to avoid having all our eggs in one basket. The volume is a bit much to manage at this point and its better to spread it some of it out to the seed banks. This also opens up different payment methods with the seed banks rather then CC/debit only for our store.

What other US-based seedbanks have stock?

See the US Distributors/Retailers page. The US store is restocking seedbanks on a regular basis now. For the last three months, at least one of those seedbanks has had Mephisto strains in stock. (Seedbank packs are sealed.)

What about the Canadian store?

The Canadian store is currently closed, they should open next in a couple weeks:
Should have some more restock in 2-3 weeks. Also a new strain is dropping in septemeber
In the mean time, some of the US Distributors/Retailers page ship to Canada; try Harvest Mutual.

What about the EU, UK, and Worldwide stores?

The Worldwide store appears to be closed, the UK and EU ones may be too. Haven't heard anything from the people running them.

Strain and Grow-Off Info

What is this freebie I got? Is there info about it? Has anybody grown it?

Check the Monthly Freebie Crosses Thread, which is now linked on the sidebar. Also try searching the subreddit.

What Grow-Offs are in progress?

Does anybody have the 1:1 CBD Canna-Cheese strain description?

While the strain guide hasn't been updated since it was released, this post has a copy of the 1:1 CBD Canna-Cheese strain description.

Does anybody have Reserva strain descriptions?

Reserva Strain descriptions.


What's the deal with Night Owl? Does Daz work for Mephisto? Is there a strain guide?

Night Owl is an independent auto breeder who did some breeding work for Mephisto several years ago -- the strain guide mentions GBD (Daz) doing early work on Cosmic Queen and Sour Stomper -- though now he just runs their instagram and represents them at events. Many of his strains are partially based on Mephisto's genetics.
Night Owl sells directly through The Seed Bazaar, and indirectly through various other seedbanks. See his instagram for more details.
There isn't a strain guide yet, and info tends to disappear from TSB as things sell out, but u/BlueJayin has been collecting strain details in a google doc.

What about Chef Anna?

The relationship between mephisto and chef anna goes way back before I even starting working with mephisto. He has done a lot to spread the word of mephisto so we continue that relationship to this day.
To say we "support him" is very broad. He is an advertising partner and he purchases seeds from us to resale as a white label variety.
Chef Anna has his own subreddit, ChefAnnaWithTheSub.

What about some other breeder I saw with Mephisto lines / crosses?

There are a few other breeders that have collaborated with Mephisto, such as Mainely Autos (not much info on them...), but there are also "basement breeders" that are chucking pollen and selling F1 or F2 seeds as a cash grab. Making seeds is the easy part -- it takes work not to! The real breeding work is in selection, especially over several generations.

What about RocBud? Didn't they sell an F1 with Jammy Dodgers?

Not a collab with us.
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2020.09.20 15:41 Lifetime_Curve Community project: The ninth Bach chorale, with guest mixer Talon

Hello everyone! Every other week, I post the parts to a short chorale by J.S. Bach and invite you to record however many of the voice parts suit your fancy and your instrument's range. All instruments are welcome, including voice. Two weeks later, I'll publish a video to YouTube with the completed result as well as the parts for the next chorale! I've moved to a biweekly schedule because I think a lot of people are busy with real life right now, and I am certainly one of them. If you wish to listen to them, here is a YouTube playlist of the previous chorales.
This week's chorale is No. 262, "Ach Gott, vom Himmel sieh darein." Though the RSO plays music at a variety of difficulty levels, I started this chorale project to make sure there was a quick and easy way to get started, and hopefully that will spur you to take greater challenges. I am also pleased to introduce Discord user Talon, one of the RSO's newest editors, who will be editing and mixing this chorale! I will be working with Talon throughout the process, and you can ask me questions as usual.
Below is the sheet music for this piece. Make sure you grab the right clef/transposition. I have Bb, Eb, F, and G transpositions, but it's no trouble to do A, D, or anything like that if that's how you want to contribute. If you can't find appropriate music for your instrument, please message me. The chorales are written in four voice parts - soprano, alto, tenor, and bass - in descending order of pitch range and are known in choral parlance as SATB.
In case you would like to sing your part, I will provide a pronunciation guide soon. I have provided reference pitches at the beginning of the click tracks so you don't have to guess your first note. Instrumentalists, please disregard these reference pitches when recording your parts.

Bach Chorale No. 262 Sheet Music

Audio and click tracks:
Note: Fermatas last two beats longer than their printed duration. The character "ß" is pronounced like a double S, with some Z in the mix.
The final date to submit your recordings is September 27th! I know that's not a huge turnaround time, but these are short and I want to keep them coming. I will publish the chorale around October 3rd and post it to the subreddit so you can view it, or you can just follow my YouTube channel.

Send your final recordings here!

Please name your submission file as follows: SATB part first letteinstrument you play/username or however you'd like to be credited. For example, "S violin Lifetime_Curve" or "T banjo Lifetime_Curve". You can put whatever text you want in the name and email field.
Be sure to join us on Discord!
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2020.09.20 15:35 WishboneRulz SMB3 Players' Choice Sweet 16 Round, Match 7: Sawteeth vs Sirloins

View the full up-to-date bracket here. In the previous match, the Beewolves defeated the Heaters. Check back tomorrow for the next matchup, Nemesis vs Crocodons.
View Poll
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2020.09.20 15:23 sjf13 [PubQ] Query Critique: The Sails of the Argo (scifi 71k) - Round 2

Thank you for the previous comments! I've gone through a few start-from-scratch rewrites, and am trying a different spin on it. Feedback is greatly appreciated!
When Olive Kourellis first glimpses the planet meant to be her salvation, she quickly realizes it might be her doom – and has no choice but to embrace it. She has her young daughter and unruly crew of refugees from Earth to think of, all stuck on a failing ship that was never intended for a five-year interstellar voyage. Olive knows the uninhabitable ball of smoke and flame on her vid screen, as deadly as it seems, is their only hope.
She just doesn’t know how. Landing so soon after a massive asteroid strike would be suicide. Toxic air, darkened skies, and smoldering ruins blanket the surface. Olive still blames herself for her husband’s death, so she’s not risking her daughter – or anyone – without a real chance. But life support on the Vela has its own expiration date, and it draws ever closer.
Hesitation breeds mutinous rumblings, and the growing unrest threatens to tear the crew apart. Trapped in orbit, out of fuel, out of food, and out of options, any hope for a future rests on Olive maintaining control long enough to find a way – any way – for them to survive.
And the deadly surface is calling.
The Sails of the Argo is complete at 71k words.
Previous iteration: https://www.reddit.com/PubTips/comments/irm8hc/pubq_query_critique_the_sails_of_the_argo_scifi/
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2020.09.20 15:20 FHLBot RB Leipzig vs Mainz 05 - Bundesliga, 20-Sep-2020

Match: RB Leipzig vs Mainz 05
Competition: Bundesliga
Date: 20-Sep-2020
Time: 13:30 GMT (convert to local time)
Venue: Red Bull Arena
Do not post any spoilers, follow the rules, and make sure to upvote the contributors if you liked their content.
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2020.09.20 15:09 realmanloveonegirl Game Thread: Liverpool vs Chelsea September 20, 2020

Liverpool vs Chelsea
Date: September 20, 2020
Time: 11:30 AM ET
Channel: BT Sports
Livestream links are updated 5-10 minutes BEFORE the event. We offer Soccer streams, NBA streams, NFL streams, NHL streams, MMA streams, UFC streams and Boxing streams.
Don't forget to join our subreddit: embURL
HD Liverpool vs Chelsea Live Stream 📱 Mobile: YES
IF YOU WANT TO DONATE ME: www.paypal.me/emburls
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2020.09.20 15:06 Havhic Instagram cults / Illuminati?

Hi all, just tonight I've stumbled upon something weird. As a little background I have 2 Instagram accounts, a public account where I share a GFX work and a personal account I keep for friends n such.
Regardless, tonight I was looking through my requested follows. I have left a tonne of them as pending for ages. One of the accounts sporting a PFP of a man in a hat caught my eye. Upon opening the account I found an odd account, the account has 5 post 800+ followers and is following 7000+ accounts. the posts consist of 3 with the same image of the same man in the PFP and 2 of a house plant.
Obviously I found this confusing. on top of this the posts are all recent and the only comments are the account it self and have an ok amount of likes. the account has kept 5 different highlights story categories one name (Destaques - ill mention this again later) once again with the same image of the man.
Could this be some sort of Bot?
Now to the illuminati stuff,
Looking at the followers of the account there is a wide range of accounts. from graphic designers to gaming pages. There are multiple accounts that have the same sort activity. with recent posts of the same picture and ridiculous follower counts.
However there are a tonne that reference the illuminati and 666. multiple accounts having 666 in the name or having pictures of Baphomet in front of pentagrams. these accounts are more odd than how I found this rabbit hole. there is multiple accounts showing insane amounts of money, or even what looks like cultural events. A lot of the accounts have imagery of what looks to be the letter G within a compass (like the mathematical one) on rings and engraved in walls. The accounts don't seem to have comments or captions on their posts.
A lot more of the accounts show imagery of middle aged men in militaristic or ceremonial attire with gold embellishment, but taken from like a hire photographer of sorts. And others selling what looks to be fake scams promising cash flipping or bit connect style money making schemes (that went well as we know)
Thrown around in some of the accounts is the word masonic, from a quick google search it explains the compass and the regalia of the men but I'm still miffed towards the situation
One of the accounts outside the illuminati stuff (I think, it has 444 in its username though) once again 5 posts this time of TikTok and gaming screenshots. This time in its highlights has the same title as the other account we started with Destaques this time with a female Spiderman 3d model in the story. on their story it also has the same date as in one of the posts from the original account 15 De Set De 2020.
So I'm still a little weirded out by the situation, but I find this incredibly intriguing. I'm not sure if this is just some weird Insta botting a cult or just some edgy kids and I'm looking into this way too far. of all the weird stuff on Instagram this is by far the most odd experience I've had on the platform. Thankyou for reading though the bad formatting and giving me your time. If anyone has an answer to the situation id gladly appreciate it .

(I also don't know if its ok to give out the account that lead me to this discovery in case its like the Logan botting scandal that The right Opinion did a video on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUJOe2MCJp8&ab_channel=TheRightOpinion if it is ok and someone wants the account ill post the handle ty again)
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2020.09.20 15:06 portlane Willemka Swan (March 19, 1928 - September 13, 2020)

March 19, 1928 - September 13, 2020
Winnie Swan passed away Sept. 13, 2020, at the age of 92 at Forest Home Elder Care in Camas, WA. She was born March 19, 1928 in Billings, MT to William Elsinga and Dientja Werkman. Winnie was very proud of the fact her parents had emigrated from Groningen (Friesland) Holland to the United States via Ellis Island. Winnie’s birth name was Willemka, and she was quick to tell people the ’W’ was pronounced as a ’V.’
In her younger years, Winnie enjoyed crafts, sewing, and was especially talented with needlework. For a time, she was known as the gingerbread lady for the dozens of gingerbread men she would stuff, stitch up, and trim with rickrack and handmade bows. Winnie’s gingerbread men are in homes across Clark County!
Winnie also loved counted cross stitch and would put much love and care in each picture she made, whether it was an exquisite angel or an old world Santa. Family members were the lucky recipients of these beautiful and professionally framed works of art. In her later years, she would work crossword puzzles and enjoyed adult coloring books.
Winnie moved to Van Mall Retirement and Assisted Living where she developed new friendships and enjoyed activities. Many thanks to the wonderful staff at Van Mall who looked after her. Winnie enjoyed this loving community for four years.
Needing a higher level of care, Winnie moved to Forest Home Elder Care in August of 2019, where she lived until her death. For 13 months she was compassionately and lovingly cared for by Jim and Patty Sundem and the incredibly sweet caregivers.
In the last six weeks of Winnie’s life, PeaceHealth Hospice provided support and skilled nursing to ensure a peaceful passing. Winnie’s family greatly appreciates PeaceHealth Hospice and Chaplain Mark Pierce who prayed with her, played his guitar, and sang both old and new hymns.
Winnie was preceded in death by her older sister, Antiena Gates and younger brother, Gerrit Elsinga.
She is survived by her sister, Diane and brother-in-law, Harold Baylous of Ridgefield, WA, whom she loved very much. Winnie and Diane spent many fun moments together canning peaches and applesauce and sharing stories about their many cross stitch projects.
Also surviving is her son, Gary and daughter-in-law, Lynnae Anderson Swan, of Arroyo Grande, CA; daughter, Michelle Swan Seekins and son-in-law, Bill Seekins, of Camas, along with four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.
In 1991, Winnie vacationed with Gary and Lynnae at Lake Tahoe where she experienced an exhilarating parasailing adventure. At a future date, her family will gather in Lake Tahoe, and Winnie will be returned to this place of peace and beauty.
Donations may be made to support other families in need at end of life in memory of Winnie Swan to PeaceHealth Hospice, PO Box 2369, Vancouver, WA 98668.
Please share a memory @ www.columbian.com/obits
source: http://obits.columbian.com/obituaries/columbian/obituary.aspx?n=willemka-swan-winnie&pid=196825993
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2020.09.20 15:01 portlane Daniel Brown (July 31, 1966 - September 3, 2020)

July 31, 1966 - September 3, 2020
Daniel Loren Brown passed away on Sept. 3, 2020, at his home in Bremerton, WA. Dan was in home hospice recuperating from cancer treatment when he passed. His mother and life partner Alan were at his bedside. Dan was born on July 31, 1966, in Vancouver, WA to mother, Judy L. Prince Brown and father, Loren D. Brown.
He attended Camas schools and graduated from Camas High School in 1984. He then attended the University of Washington. Dan was always a very good student and was active in band and choir during his high school years. He also participated in little league, soccer and wrestling. When his sister started piano lessons, he wanted to take lessons too and progressed very quickly. He played the piano and the clarinet and played the role of “Danny” in his choir production of Grease. He usually started each day by playing the piano before he went to school and it was wonderful to listen to as we all started our day. He had resumed his piano playing in recent years after receiving the gift of a piano from a family friend.
He enjoyed traveling, hiking, camping, movies, fixing things, reading, working in the yard, and playing on his IPad. His great sense of humor was a delight and he will be greatly missed by all.
Dan is survived by his life partner, Alan Authers; mother, Judy Brown; father and stepmother, Loren and Jean Brown; brother, Michael Brown; sister, Kerry Brown-Peters; and niece, Syerrah Wilson.
He was preceded in death by his cats, Capote, Orion and Peanut.
No service will be held. A private family service will be held at a later date.
Please share a memory @ www.columbian.com/obits
source: http://obits.columbian.com/obituaries/columbian/obituary.aspx?n=daniel-loren-brown&pid=196825986
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2020.09.20 15:00 AstrosBot Game Thread: D-backs (20-33) @ Astros (26-26) - Sep 20, 2020 1:10 PM

Astros (26-26) D-backs (20-33)
First Pitch: 1:10 PM at Minute Maid Park
Pitcher TV Radio
D-backs Madison Bumgarner (0-4, 8.53 ERA) FSAZ ESPN 620, KHOV (ES)
Astros Jose Urquidy (1-1, 2.70 ERA) ATTH KBME, La Ranchera 101.7 FM/850 AM (ES)
MLB Fangraphs Brooks Baseball Reddit Stream Discord
Gameday Game Graph Strikezone Map Live Comments /baseball Discord

Pitcher Notes

Team Notes
D-backs Bumgarner tied a career high for earned runs allowed in a start his last time out, against the Angels. He gave up eight runs on a career-high 13 hits in 5 1/3 innings.
Astros This will be Urquidy's fourth start of the season since missing substantial time due to COVID-19. He held the Rangers to one run and three hits with seven strikeouts over seven strong innings in his previous start Tuesday.

Line Score - Pre-Game

Box Score

Updated at 9:00 AM.
Attendance Weather Wind
70°F, Roof Closed 0 mph, None

Remember to sort by new to keep up!
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Dating DE

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