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2018.11.29 17:52 KINGSANGELS Brasil BumBum

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2011.08.25 01:37 milkkore FC St. Pauli

"Alles", inkl. Frauenfussball, Handball und Roller Derby über den FC St. Pauli 1910 e.V. aus Hamburg, Deutschland. Die meisten Beiträge sind in Deutsch, andere Sprachen sind aber auch Willkommen! --- Everything (inc. Women Soccer, Handball and Roller Derby) about the FC St. Pauli 1910 e.V. from Hamburg, Germany. Most Posts are in German, Posts in other Languages are welcome though!

2020.09.20 16:40 jodjango101 21 [M4F] USA/Anywhere

What's up,
I'm a 22 M from the USA east coaster but soon moving to the west. Quarantine has been rough especially as a single guy. No ability to date and as a recent college graduate going to a new area masks and quarantine has not made it easy to look for a partner hahah.
But on the good side, I am a recent college graduate working in business. I love to travel and learn languages. I'm currently learning Portuguese (so if you are from Brasil or Portugal definitely hmu)/ but I am open to meeting people from anywhere. Outside of work and travel I'm big into sports. I'm a good basketball player myself and love to watch the NBA but love other sports too. I love anime. I watch a lot but I think there's a lot more to me then just sports and anime.
I'm a tall fit black guy if that matters. People say I'm funny but who knows. Looking for a tall and sporty girl. If ya liked anything I said feel free to send me a message!
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2020.09.19 04:01 Th3OmegaPyrop3 saw it on facebook

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2020.09.18 13:14 House_of_Suns /r/QOTSA Official Band of the Week 20: RADIOHEAD

Ah, change. Don't we all love it? Don't we all hate it? Remember moving out of your parents house and into some dingy college dorm for the first time? Getting married and having children? How about being forced by a global pandemic to live inside for literal months?
Yep. Change can be good, like the kind you find in your couch cushions. But change can also be very, very bad, like the kind of change that Weezer went through, going from indie rock darlings to a meme-driven cover band. Side note: get your fucking shit together, Rivers Cuomo. Either way, change is often divisive - and this concept is core to understanding today’s band of the week.
There is constant pressure for an artist to evolve and change their sound, to develop and create something new. Any real songwriter knows that they can’t just slap a different label on the same can and sell it back to their audience without losing the respect of their peers...unless you happen to be AC/DC, who somehow made the same album 15 times with two different singers. The pop industry’s oversaturated mess of recycled garbage is never going to be admired by critics, even though pre-programmed FM radio and tweens seem to love it.
Our very own Queens of prehistory are the perfect example of how an artist can experiment and advance their sound from record to record. Every album builds on the last one and takes their sound in a new direction. This can be both amazing AND divisive, depending on your point of view.
Today, we will look at a band that did even more. These guys went through one of the most daring style changes in music history, and came out the other side completely unscathed. They’re a shining example of how to evolve, and how to not only change your sound, but to change the very concept of rock music.
You guessed it, today’s artist is none other than RADIOHEAD
About Them
You know how music makes you happy?
This is not that kind of music.
If you are looking for a pick-me-up, for that Walkin’ On Sunshine vibe to make you bop down the sidewalk, then you need to run far, far away from this band. It is not that their music is Soundgarden-dark or Alice In Chains-dark. It is not NIN-angry or RATM-angry. Radiohead sounds like someone compressed a rainy day, mixed in two gallons of melancholy, got a distillation of being dumped by your girlfriend, and then made you watch your puppy get run over...twice. It is sorrow and regret and woe and dejection all brewed in a cauldron of gloom.
And it punches you right in the fucking feels, every time.
The band is made up of brothers Jonny Greenwood (who rivals Keaunu Reeves with his ability to somehow not age) on guitar and keys, Colin Greenwood on bass, Philip Selway on drums, Ed O’Brien on guitar and backing vocals, and the king of falsetto himself, Thom Yorke, on vocals, keys, and guitar. The five guys from the County of Oxfordshire in England all met in school. In the classic story of teenage rebellion, they got together and formed a band that no one had ever heard of called On A Friday. The band played together all through their teenage years and into university. As they cut their teeth on the local club and tavern circuit, the band got tighter and tighter. This was noted by Chris Hufford and Bryce Edge, who saw them play and were so impressed with their raw talent that they helped them record a demo tape and became the band’s managers - a position they still hold today. The demo was shopped to a number of record labels. The net result was that On A Friday was signed to a six-album deal with EMI.
Clearly, we all know and own On A Friday albums today, don’t we? Nope. At the request of their label, they changed their name to the moniker we all know now. The name was inspired by a Talking Heads tune. Clearly, David Byrne must have had a stash of band names hidden somewhere in his comically oversized suit.
The newly-minted Radiohead caught their ticket to fame with the song Creep. You have to remember that when the world were listening to Soundgarden and Kyuss and Stone Temple Pilots and Nirvana crank out amazing grungy, sludgy riffs and tunes, Radiohead rode a wave of self-loathing and awkwardness to international fame. The brilliance of Creep lies in the fact that its lyrics and its music are in direct contrast to each other. When you listen to Thom Yorke lament the fact that he is not worthy of wooing the girl he is chasing, you become sad. But the soaring major chords of the guitar pivot from one to another and create a cognitive dissonance. The music makes you feel the emotional joy of the man who fixates on his crush while the lyrics simultaneously show the soul destroying experience of his unrequited longing.
As it turns out, lots and lots of people have felt this kind of doubt and anguish. Creep was a bonafide hit and is still the band’s most successful single. It made their debut album, Pablo Honey, a world wide best seller. The band’s first international tour as an opening act for Belly and PJ Harvey saw them play the song every night to crowds who knew and sang every word.
The net result? They grew to absolutely hate the song, to the point where they abjectly refused to play it live for years at a time. The irony is, of course, that the incredible success of that one tune gave them immense freedom to experiment with their sound.
Their second album, The Bends, was no happier than the first. The tune My Iron Lung has the lyrics This is our new song, just like the last one, a total waste of time, which was a commentary on the fan’s reaction to Creep. But in a twist of fate, reviews of My Iron Lung said that it was just like Creep. It was enough to, I don’t know, maybe make your eyelid droop or something.
The Bends was released in 1995 and went platinum. Critics initially did not know what to do with it, as it was a genuine album rather than a few singles surrounded by filler. But classic Radiohead tunes High and Dry, Black Star, Just and Fake Plastic Trees can all be found here. The Chicago Tribune gave it one star out of four, and said that the lyrics were self-absorbed and the music was pretentious. Undeterred, Radiohead toured as an opener for Alanis Morrisette and R.E.M. The influence of this dark and moody album cannot be overstated. Acts like Muse, Coldplay, James Blunt and Garbage all cite it as a direct influence on them. Many Radiohead fans place it second only to OK Computer in the band’s canon.
So did Radiohead’s third album build on that kind of success?
Fuck no.
They had an amazing, world-topping single in Creep and then released an album devoid of singles.
They had a fantastic guitar-driven moody thematic album, and then completely abandoned that sound.
OK Computer is the ultimate anti-consumerist album, and it cemented Radiohead as the kings of progressive rock. One needs only listen to Stephen Hawking spittin’ fire on the tune Fitter Happier to know that this was unlike anything ever released, not just by the band, but by any band. Side note: This Hawking guy gets around, doesn’t he? Collaborating with Mastodon and Radiohead? I’d say with those unique vocal stylings, he has a bright future as a musician.
Everyone loved OK Computer...even The Chicago Tribune. It was immediately hailed by critics as the most important album since Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and The Dark Side of the Moon. It routinely makes lists of the greatest albums in rock and roll. Listening to it is an emotional roller coaster even now, more than two decades later. It foreshadows the information age and subsequent alienation that we all live in today.
Exit Music (For a Film) was originally written for Leonardo DiCaprio’s Romeo+Juliet, but the movie producers selected Talk Show Host from The Bends instead. Let Down is an absolutely haunting fan favorite that is still part of live sets from the band today. Karma Police, No Surprises, and Lucky were all released as singles from the album, and probably have helped to sell as much kleenex as they did vinyl. But the standout track on their third release was the multi-movement composition Paranoid Android. Named after Marvin the Paranoid Android from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, this song in four sections regularly appears on lists of the greatest rock songs of all time. The weird animated video cemented the song as an anti-capitalist anthem. It is a truly epic tune that drew immediate comparisons to Bohemian Rhapsody and A Day in the Life. Paranoid Android was over six minutes long and has soaring guitars and choral chanting mixed in with what sounds like an entire effects rack slowly dying by strangulation. It was the most ambitious track on an incredibly ambitious album, and critics loved every single note.
So of course, that meant that Radiohead had to abandon this sound for something entirely different.
The success of OK Computer and the tour that followed led to burnout for the band and writer’s block for Thom Yorke. When it came time to record Kid A, the band did not just take a left turn, they spun completely through a multi-dimensional roundabout. Thom Yorke set about writing the lyrics by cutting up and rearranging common sayings and phrases mixed with violent imagery and turning them into a kind of lyrical collage. In a band with four members who play some kind of guitar, they wrote songs with zero guitar lines. Thom Yorke has said that he approached his vocals on this album not as a singer with lyrics, but to use the voice more as an instrument on its own.
Since OK Computer was such a massive hit, anticipation for Kid A was high. Radiohead refused to do any promotion of the album. Nevertheless, the record company released the artwork and some ‘blips’ from the songs. The band played some tracks on tour and an underground internet market for bootlegs emerged. Three weeks before the release date the entire album was leaked on Napster.
When it was officially released in 2000, critics did not know what to make of it. Radiohead released no singles from the album. Some called Kid A commercial suicide. Others said it was confusing and aimless and self-indulgent, and the only challenging thing about the album was the very real challenge to your attention span. But history has vindicated this soaring, orchestral jazz-inspired album. Tracks like Everything in its Right Place and How to Disappear Completely and Idioteque are fan favorites. And I don’t care who you are, The National Anthem is a complete banger.
So the pattern was established: Each album was a complete pivot, and challenged their listeners to adapt to the new sound. Right?
Wrong again, motherfucker.
Amnesiac, released in 2001, picked up right where Kid A left off. This was completely intentional, since the writing sessions for Kid A had yielded too much material for one album. At one point, a massive double album - Kid Amnesiac? - had been contemplated, but the band decided to split the two. Sometimes derided as the B-Sides from Kid A, Amnesiac saw the band dive straight into ProTools and AutoTune and backmasking every single effect ever. This is blended with influences from Jazz and, presumably, whatever was on BBC World Service that day. They did release a couple of singles, notably Pyramid Song and Knives Out. QotSA fans will love a B-Side off of this album called The Amazing Sounds of Orgy which bears a striking resemblance to music from our paleolithic monarchs.
I’m not sure if you remember or not, but 2001 was a bonkers year. Kid A and Amnesiac were albums that were embracing the shift to the information age and incorporated electronica into music. But in the wake of the terrorist attacks in the US and the subsequent invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, the entire global mood lurched from one of hope for the future to fear for our safety. Radiohead’s angriest album, Hail to the Thief, released in 2003, and captures that sense of urgency and distress. The core of the album was recorded in two short weeks in Los Angeles, with the band workshopping and completing almost one song per day. Given the complex reengineering that they had previously done on the last three albums, this was a significant shift in process. 2 + 2 = 5 was finished in just two hours.
The lyrics on the album were a grab-bag of quotes from Dante and nursery rhymes and science fiction and reflections on the election of George Bush Jr and the subsequent war on terror. Every song has an alternate title (because, well, Radiohead) and thus an alternate meaning. Ultimately, it is an album that cuts through the fog of war and is a massive critique of what the band perceived as the naked opportunism of turning real tragedy into profit (hence the album title). A little over two months before it was due to release, the album was AGAIN leaked online. This completely pissed off the band , as it was an unpolished version. The actual release was in June of 2003. And of course, Hail to the Thief soared to number one, on the strength of songs like There There and Backdrifts and Scatterbrain and the incredibly angry I Will. Critics fell in love with Radiohead all over again.
Hail to the Thief completed Radiohead’s six-album contract with EMI. This made them the world’s most popular unsigned band. But at this point, they had become too big for any one label, though many came knocking. They went on a hiatus to catch their breath and reflect on where they had come from.
Recording sessions for In Rainbows began in 2005 but stalled. The band tried again in 2006 and stalled again. The band took to the road and played the new songs live to work out the kinks. This seemed to work, because the third time the band went into the studio things started to click. In Rainbows has a post-anger clarity to it. Tunes like Jigsaw Falling into Place and Nude and House of Cards show the band had moved past their past, and were once again pioneers in the new frontier.
But what truly set the album apart from literally anything else in 2007 was the way it was released. Remember how Hail to the Thief and Amnesiac were leaked online? Well, Radiohead did what only a wildly popular unsigned band could do: they released In Rainbows online for free. They just asked people to pay whatever they wanted. This was a tectonic shift in the music industry which had seen profits spiraling downwards with the rise of single song purchases through digital platforms. Free music? For anyone? Once again, Radiohead completely challenged the existing model - just in a brand new way.
Oh, and I cannot stress this enough: Get yourself a set of good headphones and spend 43 minutes just listening to In Rainbows without distraction. It is a god damn amazing album with absolutely fantastic production. It is easily their most accessible album since The Bends.
Fans of Radiohead would have to wait another four years before their eighth album, The King of Limbs, was dropped. Named after a tree in Wiltshire, England, the album again is a shift in sound for the band (I know, I know, this is a complete shock for you). Released as a digital download, management stated that this was the most profitable album for the band out of all of them since there was no record label to feed. The songs are laced with looping and sampling and electronica. Heavy rhythms dominate and are interspersed with wind sounds and bird song. Basically, if you released this album on bandcamp, no one would pay any attention...but Radiohead released it, and it was an instant hit. The video for Lotus Flower spawned Thom Yorke dancing memes, which makes complete sense if you have seen it. It must be experienced to be understood.
Radiohead’s ninth and most recent release is 2016’s A Moon Shaped Pool. Eschewing birdsong this time, this album leans heavily into choir and orchestral and strings and chamber music to craft its sound. It is a broad commentary on climate change and groupthink. Burn the Witch, with its claymation video, is a visual treatise on the dangers of the mob and getting caught up in the moment. True Love Waits was a song that the band had been working on since 1995 and shows them at their disconsolate best.
And yes, A Moon Shaped Pool again hit number one on the charts.
At this point I am certain that Radiohead could piece together the sounds of dumping cutlery on the floor, whalesong and goose honks together with the back-masked theme from The Legend of Zelda to write a song about losing your umbrella on a rainy day...and have a number one hit. And if they do just that, I expect royalties.
What is certain is that fans are eagerly anticipating where Radiohead will go next. They are ready to embrace whatever change Thom Yorke and the boys throw their way, and don’t spend their time bitching about how the latest album from the band just isn’t as good as the rest of their discography.
There is a lesson to be learned there somewhere.
Links to QOTSA
Our prehistoric monarchs and Radiohead both have some things in common. The theme of change is absolutely one of them. Each album is an evolution (or revolution ) from what has gone before, and some of the fanbase can find this challenging.
Interestingly, both bands recorded songs called Burn the Witch, and both are indictments of groupthink. Josh’s version states, There they are, the mob it cries for blood, to twist the tale, into firewood.. Thom Yorke sings, Red crosses on wooden doors, and if you float you burn, loose talk around tables, abandon all reason. Written at different times by different artists, both explore the same theme with different sounds.
Josh has not been shy about how much he loves Radiohead. He has stated, “Not everyone is Radiohead. You’re talking about one of the finest working bands in the world…In Rainbows? I think it’s fucking just comes out of a jam and keeps moving, and little things get stacked on top of what we hear before something else gets taken away, you know? It’s very cool. We were in New York when we heard the first single, and we were like shit, they’re haulin’ ass, that’s awesome.”
Both Homme and Thom Yorke have worked (albeit at different times) on the trip hop / alt rock band UNKLE. Yorke appeared on their second album, Psyence Fiction, lending his vocals to the song Rabbit in Your Headlights. Meanwhile, Homme played on their third album, War Stories. In particular, Josh sang on the song Restless, which is a certified banger.
Their Music
Creep -- over 421 MILLION views, incredibly popular, and hated by the band and hard core fans.
High and Dry -- Of course it ends in the rain.
Just -- Just an amazing video that tells an amazing story. Does anyone else still wonder what he said? In my opinion, I think he must have disclosed the reason why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch. This knowledge is too much for mortal men.
Karma Police -- Let’s take a drive, there’s no way that could end poorly.
Paranoid Android -- I hope this makes you want to buy a purple toque, and not a g-string pouch for your family jewels.
Let Down -- Live in 2016
Everything in Its Right Place/Idioteque -- Live in 2016
The National Anthem -- A fanmade video with a cool visualizer.
Pyramid Song -- If you told me Boneface had a hand in this video I would believe you.
Knives Out -- This acid trip will give you nightmares about the game of Operation.
The Amazing Sounds of Orgy -- This sounds like it is right off of Lullabies to Paralyze.
2 + 2 = 5 -- Disclaimer: there is no actual math involved.
I Will -- Live in Paris
Jigsaw Falling Into Place -- All helmet cams, all the time (all the time)
House of Cards -- Apparently this video was shot with one of those pin things that you press against your face.
Lotus Flower -- So. Many. Memes.
Burn the Witch -- A low flying panic attack.
Show Them Some Love
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2020.09.15 07:01 ex-reddit-lurker Can i get a remote job from USA/Europe?

Hello Guys and Girls,
I would like to know if by my current experience i'm able to get a remote job. Why would i like a remote job and not a job in my country(brasil)? Cause the wage here is much lower compared to a low pay job in europe/usa.
I'm fluent in english, got 9 months of experience(self taught) with code in reactJS/react native/node, and some longer experience with mql5 and vba. I know it's not so much time, but so far i've: - Coded trading robots in MQL5 for metatrader - Built an entire websystem/api(MERN), with great UX, working in bot PC and tablet, login/users/token session, costumers database that each costumer has it's purchases registers that have pictures of the product and other stuff, ip block system and it also print reports in PDF, it was sucessfully deployed and installed at my costumer shop. - Also built an system in excel using vba that prints reports in PDF, has its own login system with different users, sends emails, etc... for an law firm. - Deployed and APP at Android Store using React Native. - I've done some other static websites and stuff, but not much of a big deal.
So.. i wonder, with my current knowledge, am i able to get a job or should i wait until i get more experienced?
EDIT: I have a degree in business administration, 2 years exp as trainee in financial in a multinational.
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2020.09.14 05:14 comingtogetyoubabs 32F looking for fellow insomniacs

Hey there, just another tropical soft goth with back problems and deep seated anxiety. I'll be 33 in a month, live with two adorable furry assholes (possibly a witch's familiars?). Im from Brasil and this year the knocks just seem to keep on coming. Could really use a friend to chat and take my mind off of everything.
I'm a freelance journalist (though work's been slow and I'm considering becoming an intergalactic diplomat so I can flirt with sexy aliens), a mild geek and a couch potato who nonetheless enjoys hiking (doesn't everyone?). Probably change my hair more than my outfits.
My hobbies include anime, movies and TV (especially horror), videogames (total casual, though), vegan baking, music, going out for drinks with friends, reading (mostly contemporary fiction, poetry, horror and fantasy/urban fantasy, magical realism), writing and procrastinating on the internet.
I really love the sound and smell of rain and the ocean, but am a city girl through and through. I also prefer tea to coffee (which I actually don't drink at all) and a G&T to a beer. I also love meeting new people, which I guess is what drew me to my profession.
Perks: I can always send cute cat pics.
Cons: bit of a mess, really.
Feel free to send me a chat with your current favorite song, vent about anything that's on your mind, tell me what your death row last meal would be or just a little about yourself, if you think we'd click.
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2020.09.09 01:42 Minatogb [TOMT][MOVIE][2000s][Romance/Drama]

I saw it in MTV here in Brasil late at night, the protagonist was this dark character, it has been a long time so I can only remember a certain scene and a plot device. The scene I remember was the protagonist describing to the girl a waitress whole life story and even though it was pretty sad he pittys the girl more then the waitress (I think it was something like that, the details are pretty foggy). The plot device was this rock, it was given to the protagonist by the girl, the protagonist later throws the rock in anger into a rocky shore, and later on has to search for the same rock. It would mean a lot to me to discover the name of the movie and to watch it now that I'm older.
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2020.09.08 02:59 500scnds [Table] My name is Paolo Cattaneo. 5 years ago I quit my job, sold everything I had and embarked in a trip around the world on a motorcycle. Rode for almost 185000 km. Still going! Here to answer question about self sustained living on the road and long distance solo travelling. AmA! (pt 2)

Source Previous part
Note: I'm not sure whether a trigger warning for mentioning depression is appropriate here, but better to be safe than to be sorry.
Questions Answers
Did you have any sort of health insurance during this time? (I'm thinking mainly in the United States where an unexpected visit can cost thousands) yes. There are specific TRAVEL INSURANCE which cover medical and unforeseen expenses like the one you mentioned. I use Worldnomads, which costs me around $800 a year and cover the whole world.
the below is a reply to the above
The hell?! Can you get that even if you stay in only one country? I live in the U.S. and it costs $500 a month for insurance. I believe it depends from your country of residence. Ouch
This is such an incredible story! This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever heard or read. I just recently finished reading “The Motorcyle Diaries”. I gave you a follow on ig too. What’s the next country you plan on traveling through? Thanks a lot!! :) I am planning to ride back to Australia via Asia. Not quite sure yet about the itinerary...since covid stopped me for now. Thanks again for the nice words!
Sorry to ask yet another money question, but I think this is the biggest block to doing something like this for most people! 1. When you went to LA initially (when you were 24), you say you pretty much only had enough money for the plane ticket. How did you sustain yourself when you arrived and how long did it take for you to 'get on your feet'? 2. How do/did you deal with 'scarcity' mentality of perhaps one day not being able to find a job (even an odd job, or a temporary position) and running out of money, and facing a more unstable housing/financial situation? Thanks! Thanks for the question mate. Again, absolutely plausible. When I flew to LA, I had saved some money for the plane ticket and arranged a couch for the first 2 weeks with a friend of a cousin of a distant uncle (the only real connection I had a the time). Meanwhile I was trying to sell my motorcycle at home in Italy. I sold it 2 days after I left and my family helped me completing the sale and sent me the money overseas. I think I sold the bike for 1200 euros. That lasted me quite a while. I did back and forth from Italy to USA few times and I was getting some occasional jobs in Milan to pay for my trips. I made just enough to pay for flights and accommodation. But I remember that a lot of food was offered to me. I was sleeping on people's couches and at times I was eating one Starbucks Frappuccino a day. I know...not the best diet...but I think It was around $2.5 and full of sugar and coffee so It kept me going. Generally I survived thanks to people I met along the way and their generosity. I had a wonderful time in USA. Most people are really willing to help. Some other instead want to take advantage of you. Learned both lessons the hard way, I guess.
Eventually, after thousands of closed doors, I managed to find an IT company that was willing to sponsor me for my visa stuff. It was a complicated time for me, mostly because I wasn't prepared mentally for such cultural gap and such challenges. When you are alone, without your family and friends around, and you have to take care of yourself and your life, you start to know who you really are.
Somehow It is an experience that I would recommend to everybody. Those are some of the most intense yet rewarding experiences I had in my life.
the below is a reply to the above
Thanks for answering! I was curious to know the reality of upping and moving somewhere without a job waiting for you or much money in your pocket and a frappuccino for your daily meal is certainly a peak behind the curtain!! But I agree with you that most people are kind and willing to help. I believe in that in general. I admire your resilience. I've certainly dealt with a lot of closed doors and isolation from family and friends too, but often get scared to "do what I really want" because I'm so afraid of being stuck somewhere without money. Wishing you continued success and safe travels! I wish you good luck too! I am sure you can endure much you can think. Go for it!
Can I join you ?! Lmao This is my Dream .. good for you man . Good for fuckin youuuu !!! Share the love & grow strong . Thanks for the support mate!! Go for it! You can do it!
How come you’re happy and I’m depressed as fuck? I don't want to open a can of worms, but I was super depressed too. Depression is a state of mind in which you tell yourself that "something is wrong". Whether the wrong comes from inside or outside of you, your mind is telling you that there's something that needs to be fixed. It's a good indicator that you are on the path of healing yourself if you want.
Sincerely, if one is not depressed a bit, these days, it would be completely unaware of your surroundings and even your own existence.
Before leaving for Australia, I spent 2 and a half years in deep sadness (you can call it depression if you will), caused by several factors. I had a meaningless job (for me), I HAD TO live with my parents and I was even going through break up with my ex, which ripped my heart apart. I basically didn't get out of my room for 2 years, while I was helping my grandma on her deathbed and my dad was sick with Alzheimer. Fun, uh?
I am not saying that it's good to be depressed, but you can choose to use it as a propeller to wish for something better. You can change your reality. It's entirely up to you, how you see the world and the opportunities you have in life to grow.
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I understand what you are trying to say but I have to disagree. It's a bit like telling a person with a broken back that if they wished hard enough to walk, they will walk just fine. Depression doesn't work like that. You may have made it out of it but to somebody that is currently in a deeply depressive state, the only thing they will hear is: "You aren't trying hard enough, you could do it but you just aren't even trying. You are a useless piece of shit because you are too lazy to change. It's entirely up to you! You useless fuck." I agree with you. But I believe that there is somehow a bottom line...and when reached somebody will try to react to it and fight back. It's a self preservation mechanism.
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Nah, believe me, there is no bottom. If there were, there wouldn't be people killing themselves. I don't have any self-preservation left, for example. I'm so dead inside that I don't even bother to kill myself because I even lack that energy. It's just chugging along, time flies, and I'm not really there. Seems like you are inside "the spiral" mate. You ll get out of it, trust me. Sounds silly but enjoying a bit of sun, seemed to have helped me at that time when I felt like that. In any case, just give it time and don't give up. Try to get outside and stay in nature if you can. It doesn't change much but It helps. Stay strong, mate. Give it time.
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I live in one of the most beautiful areas of the world (county Galway in Ireland), right at the sea. I can see it from my window and the beach is 5 minutes away. It doesn't help. I don't even have the energy to go outside, even on a nice day. You've been lucky to get out, all I ask is you not blaming people that can't. It's not a thing of willpower or sunshine. It's a thing of lacking any kind of willpower. I've been like this for over 20 years, sometimes better, sometimes worse. That's not a spiral anymore. It's a chute. I'm sorry mate. I hope you ll get better anyway.
I was just looking at your Instagram photos... Wow! You take gorgeous photos and have such an interesting story to share. Have you ever thought about writing a book? It seems to me that travel and adventure magazines would also pay you to write stories for them. Just something to think about. Good luck! Thank you, but I think that I'm not doing anything that hasn't been done before. I do like to share and help people see the world for the beautiful place it is...but that's about it. Thanks for the compliment, though!
Do you avoid public attractions where you have to pay a fee like castles, palaces or other famous tourist attractions. If you avoid them, are you curious about them and want to visit them but you don’t have enough money or don’t you care about tourist attractions? Good question! I recently posted the story on my instagram about Machu Picchu in Peru, which I refused to visit because of the exorbitant entry fee. $70 USD to enter the site is an unreasonable amount...regardless the fact that it is undoubtedly a beautiful site to visit. I usually avoid big tourist traps, but sometimes you gotta pay. The most I've paid was $35 to enter Iguazu Falls and $35 to enter Perito moreno Glacier. Both worth it sincerely, even if overpriced. I left the others aside and went for the cheap ones instead.
I am from Greece.Where in Greece have you been?And how did you make money during these years to "pay the bills"? Oh mate!! what a beautiful country! I had a great time there! I spent most of my quarantine and lockdown in Crete, but I entered Greece from Albania, then rode down to the Peloponnese and rode to Athens, Evia and even Santorini!! Check my insta for all the amazing places I've seen! I am still stoked for the great hospitality I received from the greeks and the amazing places I've seen!! For the economical part of your question, please see previous answers, where I explained in details the money factor.
How do you plan what route you will take? Do you navigate primarily with map+compass? GPS on your phone? Both? If M+C, what sort of compass do you use, and where do you obtain your maps for each country or locality? Hello! I mostly use Google maps for my navigation and planning. Most of the info i get from the places I want to visit, are obtainable from the app itself. It's a brief guide but works for me. If in remote areas I use, which works offline and has trails too.
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Have you tried getting a sponsorship from google for using their maps I actually thought about it...but never really went through with it. Maybe they let me mount a gigantic 360 camera on top of my helmet and then I'll be stuck with it. Haha
How do you deal with dirty toilets in some areas where you cannot find any usable ones if that has ever happened? Also what do you do when there are none around, like on a desert road or something? This and my trust issues with getting help from strangers is what keeps me from even thinking about doing something like what you're doing. Very pertinent question as I find myself sometimes with no toilets around. There's a basic system, which I wasn't really accustomed to...that is "squatting"...that help with the mentioned activity. When in the wild, you need to have the curtesy at least of (some privacy, obviously) digging a hole in the ground with a stick or something...and then covering it up when you are done with your business. Toilet paper and wet wipes have to be bagged and disposed in the first available garbage bag. This concerned N2, clearly. For N1, being a guy, it is quite practical. But there are a lot of girls travellers which simply "hide behind something". It is quite unorthodox but I guess you get used to it eventually. It's just a matter of doing it the first few times. Then It becomes ok.
What was the moment you thought, ''It was all worth it''? It was when I arrived back in Sydney, after riding all around Australia... After the first few days of riding I remember I had still some doubts on my mind about resigning and selling everything, etc. When I returned in my own beloved town, it was like i saw myself in the mirror. I saw myself as the person I was before...and the one I had become. And I didn't like the person I was I understood that my life had changed forever. I realized that giving everything up was worth the realization of who I was at that time. I also realized that I couldn't stop there...
Wah! Thanks for the AmA! I've always wanted to have a chat with people who like to travel the world. Your answers are very straightforward, I love that! Did you ever get into trouble with local people like pickpockets and tourist scam? Did you ever have any emergency medical troubles? Do you try to enjoy local street food? (If so, did you ever had any stomache because your body isn't used to that type of food?). Err I think I've made too many questions at once. Have fun & enjoy your life adventure, whatever you decide to do in your future! No problems! It's a pleasure!! So, I never really had problems with pickpocketers. But I also always look around while walking in big cities. As I mentioned before, the only bad occurrence I had was in Canada, where somebody stole my rusty tools bag from my bike, while parked in Vancouver. I never had medical issue...hurray!!! I do LOVE to try all food. The "weirdest" the better! I think I have a fetish for local street food. So yeah, I eventually had a bit of stomachache but it was mostly my fault. I had a raw shrimp from a market in Mexico. Not wise! haha I built my immune system I think, just drinking tap water from everywhere. If locals don't die...I shouldn't either, right!? ;)
Is your ass now made of steel? I had to draw a line in the middle of my bum to see where my cheeks were... ;)
Have you been to Bulgaria yet? How much did you see if you have? No, I haven't. But It's definitely on my list.
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Are you taking reccomendations for places to visit in countries? Because i have a few reccomendations for bulgaria. Of course!! 😊 maybe send those to me as DM so those don't get lost in the post. Cheers!! 🙏
Have you ever worried about not being able to get a job later on once you stop travelling, due to the big gap between jobs in your CV? I am not an HR guy...but If I was... I would hire a guy that travelled the world on a motorcycle to have on my team, instead of somebody with straight AA, tons of certificates and no life experience. but maybe I'm wrong. ;)
100k+ on a KTM and no major problems? INCONCEIVABLE! Do you have an ADV th'd? ahha I know right!??! It's actually almost 200000 km mate and still going strong with no mechanical issues!! Crazy!! I am in awe too! I am on ADVRIDER, yes. But don't have a thread about this.
When did you find out about COVID and how has it affected your travels? Thanks and warmest regards! Oh man, that was such a bummer! I left italy on the 15th of Feb, 10 days before the first case in Lombardy. One week later it was already mayhem. As soon as the Italian disaster exploded, people started to look at me as carrier of they were doing with asians in general, no matter if they were from indonesia or mongolia or china. I entered Albania and there were rumors of borders starting to close. So I headed to Greece, since it is still EU and I could get sent back to Italy easily. After spending 4 months in Greece, I took the first available ferry back to Italy, where I am waiting for the pandemic to settle a bit. Then I'll leave again.
Hey Paolo, I recently rode a motorcycle across Vietnam and it got me inspired to ride from Alaska to Argentina, hopefully leaving next summer, virus permitting. I’ll most likely be riding my Honda CRF250L, not quite a KTM haha. Do you have any advice for a young man looking for more adventure? Yes. Great bike first of all!! You ll love it! South america is kind of paradise for motorcycling so...yeah. I would recommend you to pick the right seasons to ride alaska and patagonia. Crucial for the outcome of your expedition.
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I appreciate it! I’ll definitely keep the seasons in mind for Patagonia and have already made sure to head to Alaska in the summer. I mean, I went to Alaska in september and weather was amazing...and rode through patagonia in autumn which was chilly but absolutely fantastic! Less people and beautiful colours!
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Less people would definitely be a plus! What are the average speeds in South America or are certain country’s faster than others? I’m worried my CRF might not be fast enough in places. Your bike is absolutely fine. Do not worry about that
Ciao! I am a italian too, precisely sicilian. Next summer I will probably travel all sicily, how much money do you think i need to bring, and how can I save as much as possible? I want to stay a bunch of days while traveling through cities. Like 3 days at Agrigento, for example. Any suggestions are welcomed! Sto scrivendo in inglese pure per far vedere ad altri i tuoi suggerimenti Ciao! well, I cannot tell you how much you'll need to travel...even just Sicily. It depends where you are willing to sleep, what are you willing to sacrifice in terms of food and what time of the year you are planning to travel. Just know that food and accommodation are the most expensive elements of your trip.
Did you get any inspiration from Emilio Scotto’s ride around the world? Any plans (or desire) to try and break his record? I do not know him. I also never read the Motorcycle diaries or Zen and the art of motorcycle. Also never seen long way around or tried to grow a beard like Che guevara.
Just doing my thing, my own way. But there have been many before me for sure.
Did you ride in Nepal as well? If so, how did you find the roads and the journey through Nepal? Also what was your most adventurous experience here? I am a Nepalese so I am asking these to learn what people think when visiting my country. I haven't been that part of the world yet. But It's on my list!!!
Did you ever get down and dirty with anyone? Yes. Mostly with my motorcycle. :)
Why did you choose such a big bike? Is all the driving on roads? What modifications did you make before heading out? I chose my dream bike. I had no Idea where I would have taken my motorcycle in the future. At the time of purchase, I was in love with it. I still am!
I just added a lighter muffler, skid plate and rear rack. The bike itself is a marvel of technology.
I go on and offroad. see my youtube videos... ;)
Hey man, back when you were trekking across south america, did you visit Venezuela? When I was In brazil, It didn't occur to me to enter Venezuela. Then when I reached Colombia, the border with it was closed for vehicle due to the unstable situation. I really want to go. It's the pebble in my south american shoe. ;)
I have enjoyed watching your travels on IG. What is the scariest situation you have ever gotten yourself into while traveling? Thanks for tagging along! I had few close calls with my bike...but I guess, If you ride a motorcycle, it is quite common. I almost fell into a canyon... Ouch
Hi Paolo. Where would you say the best roads were? I mean, good condition, few potholes. Where would you say the best views were? What kind of spare parts did you bring along to make sure you could always keep going? Mmm best roads...i think ecuador had pretty spectacular new roads. At the time I think most roads were 5-10 years old and conditions were optimal.
Best views probably Peru. Nothing can beat the view from a 6000 m mountain...
You can't possibly carry all spare parts. You never know what could happen...but I did bring a spare front tube in case of a flat and some spare screws. Duct tape and cable ties are also a must for any traveller
[deleted] I do not have a single moment which I consider my favorite. Generally speaking, I could say that the "feeling of freedom" that riding with no schedule and limitation gives, Is the happy memory that I will bring with me even when this experience will be over. The scariest is certainly the moment when I almost fell into a canyon, while riding in Peru. Colca Canyon is one of the deepest canyons in the world and I lost control of the bike, riding down on a tiny dirt road. Fortunately I managed to stop right at the edge of it...but It took me a good 10 minutes to recover from that close call.
Have you ever feared for your life? As in, did it ever cross your mind that you might get mugged or something? Have you ever been mugged while traveling or been in that situation? Do you carry some sort of knife or gun? Never feared for my life. No. Maybe it's a bit naive of me but I've never felt in need to carry a weapon to protect myself. I don't think there are people out there willing to kill me to take my stuff. But i did cross countries where this kind of stuff happens. In any case, the probability that this would have happened was in my opinion way smaller than the contrary. In fact if you ever have the chance to talk to some of the other thousands of travellers that have been around for a while, none had the need to carry weapons or any sort of defense aid to protect their personage or belongings. Not even girls.
Have you had any accidents or near misses in your travels? If more than one, are there any that stand out? Tons!! Unfortunately riding a motorcycle doesn't leave any choice. I almost fell into a canyon in Peru. That wasn't good. Also, close calls with maaaany trucks in Bolivia. There are no driving rules there much... I crashed at 100km/h in Argentina and crashed against a wall, in San Francisco, distracted by my GPS. Normal day at the office! 😅
What was your favorite place you’ve traveled to so far? I have one favourite place, which I always mention because I support the underdogs... I also love nature and food, so...
Ecuador is my favourite country.
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Any specifics or highlights about Ecuador you can share? Looking for my next trip with a friend! Galapagos is like Jurassic Park. But with no fancy shopping center. Would recommend Baños and Cuenca area too.
What was it like going through the Middle East? I've always wanted to explore that part of the world. Haven't quite reached the middle east yet. Stopped by the covid. booo
Any issues or denials to get your bike through customs anywhere? Nope. Just showing my paperwork and off i went! So far I haven't been in countries that required Carnet de Passage.
I see you have good amount of followers on insta and You tube. Have you thought about using it as a source of income like travel bloggers do or have you already done that? If not have you thought about doing it? Also might be rude but how much did you save in those years that can last so long. I mean if i were to do it like is there any bracket amount you'd like to give us? Also what about your fam? Not enough to generate income on both i think. But yeah, maybe I ll give it a go in the future. Not sure though...because you need to constantly being absorbed by the platform and create content to generate a good income...which I saw with other people became a burden, in the long run. I saved up 40k in 5 years of work. Best advice I can give is to spend your money wisely. Do not spend it in booze or clothes or any other unnecessary commodity that is not relevant in the long run. Being constantly focused on the preparation of the trip is 80% of what it actually takes to go fo it.
My family has been generally supportive about my trip. They sometimes worry but they do because they care. They don't fully understand my life choices but they respect those because they realized I am the only one responsible for my own future.
What is the worst weather you have had to ride through, and how did you deal with it? Oh man!! 2 days. One was when I rode 750km under frozen rain in canada, against 60km/h headwind, along lake superior. After i reached my destination, i watched the news and saw that they closed the road I just rode on because it collapsed, devoured by the amount of water that fell from the sky. Average temp was 2 degrees Celsius.
The other day was when I arrived in Vancouver 2 years ago in march. 30 cm of snow. -5°C and worst snow storm in the last decade. If i didn't die that day...
Great AMA. Just watched a few of your YouTube videos. Do you have music playing constantly while riding? How has your music likes changed and is there any songs you still play today from the Australia trip? Thanks I never listen to music while riding. I actually put some earplugs and try to enjoy the ride and let my thoughts flow. It's my meditation moment. Music I listen to change constantly...depending on mood and situation. I probably still have some ACDC tunes laying around in my playlists somewhere. ;)
How did you cross the Darian Gap? There were 4 options: - shipping container (Not so cheap, time consuming and risky in terms of getting the bike out from the port) $750 - air freight (fast. 4 hours and you are from one side to the other. not cheap, quick and headaches free) $1000 - fishermen boat (slow. Unsafe? Bike gets covered in salt for 5 days) $600 - sailing boat (5 days cruise to the san blas islands. Expensive. But fun holiday overall) $1200
I went with the plane.
Where you ever afraid or unsafe? I’ve wanted to backpack through South America, but as a single woman I’m afraid of putting myself in a dangerous situation. It's completely understandable to be worried in that sense. What I can tell you is that there is nothing to worry about. There are women travelling solo in many ways (backpacking, cycling, motorcycle, etc) through south america and they are FINE! No problems. I can list you the "do and don't" about travelling, but I believe that having a bit of commons sense is crucial. If you look for female solo travellers on insta, you will find tons of them. I am sure that they can give you a better and more specific understanding of what entails to travel solo as a woman in third world countries. But again, DO NOT WORRY. It is SAFE.
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I did it in Europe and Iceland, but South America makes me more weary. What about bringing children? Did it feel safe for kids? Also, when it came to your hostel stays, did you ever see any families? Kids will have a blast in SA! I met plenty of families travelling with kids. It is challenging because of the school thing but it is possible!! The internet and online classes nowadays...
People in SA are very family oriented and have special care for kids. It is an incredible experience for kids to see a reality like the one over there.
Hostels are not quite the best for kids, I admit it. You can find plenty of bnb alternatives and family rooms all over the continent. The same options are available all over the world (hostels, bnb, hotel, motel, apartments, etc).
I'm thinking of purchasing the same bike, is it the R model?. What made you choose this bike as opposed to something that is shaft driven? how did you find the chain maintenance aspect over so many miles? It's amazing there were no mechanical problems at all. Is there a specific brand tyre you use and how many miles would you get from a set? were there many puncturers or blowouts? Knowing what you know now, would you have changed anything with the bike or added something before beginning the journey? I ride the 1190 adventure NON R model. I prefer chain because it's sincerely I wouldn't want to find myself with broken shaft in the middle of Bolivia. Chain can last up to 40-50k km if well maintained and lubricated. It doesn't take much of your time and it helps reminding yourself that you have to take care of your bike too. I really loved Shinko 705 as tyres. Cheap and super grippy in all surfaces. I didn't have many punctures at all. Maybe 4 in the whole trip! Lucky!
Sincerely, this bike has been beyond perfect and I am still in awe by the reliability and performances of this machine. Kudos to KTM for making such a monstruos bike! If you are not into fast corners and putting your knee down in turns, the R model is actually better because of the customizable shocks. Mine comes with WP electronic suspensions which can't be replaced with others.
Hi Paolo, been a long time follower on Instagram (since South America). Great to see you on here! Initially when you went to work in Australia, did you receive a job offer before moving there, or did you find it once already settled? How come you still have residency in Australia when you've travelled the world for years? Have you ever received any sponsorships along your travels (E.g. from companies or Instagram itself)? If not, have you considered going down that route in order to support your continuous journey? Best of luck, and I look forward to see where the road takes you. Hey! Thanks for tagging along since such a long time!!
When I moved to Australia I didn't have a job. I spent the first months just looking for some temp gigs, while settling in that new country, at the time. It was crazy because in 2010 people here in Italy thought I went mad for leaving my safe job here, and moving to Australia with no job and as an immigrant. Turned out to be a good choice after all!
I have residency there because I am also a citizen there. Got my Australian passport in 2014.
I haven't received any sponsorship or any monetary endorsement from any companies through Instagram. I don't have enough followers I believe to be considered an "influencer".
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It's always a pleasure tagging along. That's fantastic. I want to work in a different country but all of those I've looked at only allow a work permit if you have been offered work or have experience in specialised manager positions. And as far as I know, one cannot apply for jobs while on a tourist/visitor visa. How did you work around that? Amazing achievement to receive your Australian citizenship in just 4 years! Ah, I see. What a funny world we live in. I moved to Australia with a working holiday visa, which allowed me to work only for 6 months at the time for each employer. I started working for a recruitment agency and then got bought and hired by my other company, that eventually sponsored me for my residency.
How has your sex life been on the trip? Haha sorry, it does say ask me 'anything'. I guess what I'm saying more specifically is a lot of guys have a fantasy of doing exactly what you're doing and doing plenty of "socializing" in different countries no strings attached. Just wondering if your trip has been fun in that regard or if it's too difficult when staying in hostels etc I did answer this question already but I'll go into few details again. Travelling in hostels is good and bad. You meet a lot of people but there's no privacy. I tend to respect other people generally so I avoid having sex on bunk beds, bathrooms and stuff like that (which happened to me instead). Not the best to have your bed rattling and having to wear headphones with loud music, trying to get some sleep. Haha
Anyway, the main "issue" in travelling and socializing is that you always have to leave. So unless you go partying and go for the wild night...every's not simple to get close to somebody, even in that sense.
Anyway, my sex life was definitely complicated, compared to the one I had when living in one fixed place in Australia.
Amazing. A question: were you an experienced bike rider before you set off on your trip, or did you decide to use a bike on a whim, and learned as you went? How much biking experience would you recommend to someone before they try a trip like this? Also, what are your thoughts about using a bike vs a car? With a car, you can sleep in the back, making accommodations cheaper, and maybe a bit more luxurious than a tent, but they're also larger, more unwieldy things that cost more to fuel and repair. Hey! I've been riding motorcycles since I was 14yo (even earlier). So I guess I was kind of an experienced rider, but I wasn't an experience long distance rider so... Not sure if it makes sense to you.
I met different people who recently learned how to ride, doing the same thing I was doing with small learner bikes. I mean, there are literally no limits on what can you do if you want to do it and it, without thinking too much about it.
You know what they say... 4 wheels move the body, 2 wheels move the soul.
Have you been to the Philippines? If so what was your experience and opinion about the place? Nooo! but definitely want to go there!!! I have a lot of Filipino friends in Australia and they told me about some incredible places to visit!
Just out of curiosity, when you go across continents. Do you start saving up weeks beforehand since the tickets will cost more than your usual expenditure and not to mention shipping your bike as well? Hopefully I can meet you in real life someday! I'm from Hong Kong but just started learning Italian during the pandemic! Grazie mille! Kudos to you, my friend!! Learning Italian is quite the challenge! just know that even most italians can't speak proper italian, so you'll be fine once visiting the country! ;)
I've been living off my savings so I've been just crossing countries like that. no much planning. Just hop on the bike and go. Shipping of motorcycle only occurred from Australia to South America and from Canada to Ireland. First one was by shipping boat and second one was with Air Canada Cargo. Incredibly, flying was cheaper.
Did you ever wish you had a smaller bike? I‘ve wanted to ask this question for years, ever since I saw a Ewan McGregor travel show, “Long Way Around.” In Ewan’s journey, he used a large BMW 1150/1200, and he was always joking about how jealous he was of the little bike (Ural 500cc?) his friend eventually rode. Thanks in advance! Yes. I was wishing I had a smaller and lighter bike when I was riding on sand in Brasil or Australia. But then I was quite happy to have a 1200cc engine under my seat when I was going up on some 5000m mountains or during long 800km day rides.
I mean, there is no perfect bike... And there are pro and cons with any kind of bike.
You just have to pick yours and go with it!
Have you heard of the bike dog? The_bike_dog on insta Yes!! I follow him on Insta!! Amazing feed!
Where are you now and what are your next 5 countries on your list? Italy now! The next 5 up will depend on how covid behaves in the next few months.
Did you ever make it to New Zealand? If so what was you favourite place in NZ? If not, do you plan to in the future? I've been to new zealand but not with my motorcycle. It is one of my dreams to ride there though. After what I've seen...
Amazing! Are you going to cross Austria? We have Schnitzel and Apfelstrudel 😉 Ahah Austria is next on my list of countries to visit. I PROMISE! ...i mean, i ride a KTM!
Have you ever been attacked by locals? If so, what was the reason? The only locals that really attacked me were stray dogs in Chile. Hundreds of those in the streets. They get pretty hostile when in groups...and they aim at the wheels mostly. They chase you and bark at your ankles. Haha 50 meters of pure adrenaline
How do you arrange money for food and fuel? How do you see yourself living your old age given that you likely don't have enough savings for retirement.... to survive in your 50+ or retirement age? I already addressed the money factor, but I will answer to the second question. I see myself as an old in a 4x4 campervan, parked on some remote beach in Australia, alone, maybe with a dog... Probably with an empty bank account and no big house, but a life full of memories and hopefully a better understanding of myself as a human being. You are only afraid to die if you haven't fully lived, mate!
What do you enjoy about this lifestyle? And what’s a typical day like for you? The best thing about this lifestyle is the freedom that comes with it. No alarms in the morning, nobody that tells you what to do, no schedules. Free.
I wake up, have coffee and a small bite while checking my social media. Then I look at the map to see where and which routes could be feasible for the day. Then i pack and ride off. Half way in i look for accommodations in the potential destination. When I get there i check around and see if i like it or not. If yes I stay, otherwise i move on to the next location. This is something that only travelling on a motorcycle can give you. Fast change of location, no traffic, easy stop and go, low visibility. Then i find my spot for the night, unpack and enjoy my daily meal. Usually fresh veggies or some local products. At night i rest or sometimes exercise a bit.
Great AMA! 1. Do you ever wish you were with someone, to not be alone in your experiences? Or maybe for people to tag along for a while? (A 2nd person all the time might be a bit much if you like being by yourself). I’ve travelled a little bit by myself and really enjoyed being alone, but sometimes afterwards you might want to talk about an experience with someone who was there with you. I found the freedom of being alone more important, but I’ve never travelled as long as you. 2. Do you ever think of a future where you want to settle down? Maybe wife, kids, and all that? Did your wishes about that change while on the road? Good luck to you! I have travelled with another rider and even a couple. Not for me. It is hard to find another person you get along with 100%, especially when you are used to have it your way for so long! Said this if you are a solo rider, travelling with a couple 2up, is complicated because they usually have different speed and needs. I prefer to not have a partner with me. It would change the overall experience and I wouldn't be able to be by myself in silence and have moments of absolute peace. You can't be in touch with yourself and embrace the change with another person constantly reminding you who you are and who you have to be. Unfortunately the downsides are sometimes the moments of loneliness...but again, I got used to it. And now i prefer it this way.
As far as family and settling down goes...i am 40 years old and most of my friends are married, with stable jobs and kids. So yeah, it's a constant reminder of my choice in life. But so far, i am happy with what I have done. It's a choice and I am aware of the consequences.
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2020.08.31 23:38 comingtogetyoubabs 32F - Let's dread what the last months of 2020 reserve together

Hey there, just another tropical soft goth with back problems and deep seated anxiety. I'll be 33 in a couple of months, live with two adorable furry assholes (possibly a witch's familiars?). Im from Brasil and this year the knocks just seem to keep on coming. Could really use a friend to chat and take my mind off of everything.
I'm a freelance journalist (though work's been slow and I'm considering becoming an intergalactic diplomat so I can flirt with sexy aliens), a meme queen, a bit of a geek and a couch potato who nonetheless enjoys hiking (doesn't everyone?). Probably change my hair more than my outfits.
My hobbies include anime, movies and TV (especially horror), videogames (total casual, though), vegan baking, music, going out for drinks with friends, reading (mostly contemporary fiction, poetry, horror and fantasy), writing and procrastinating on the internet.
I really love the sound and smell of rain and the ocean, but am a city girl through and through. I also prefer tea to coffee (which I actually don't drink at all) and a G&T to a beer. I also love meeting new people, which I guess is what drew me to my profession.
Perks: I can always send cute cat pics.
Cons: bit of a mess, really.
Feel free to send me a chat with your current favorite song, vent about anything that's on your mind, tell me what your death row last meal would be or just a little about yourself, if you think we'd click.
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2020.08.29 20:37 WatchoutforaSerena Harry Styles' Drag Race - Episode 1

Harry Styles' Drag Race - Episode 1
Episode 1: What Makes You Glamourous
The first Queen enters.
CRM: Wow! It's a room.
(Confessional: Hello, I'm Carly Rae Muckduck. I'm a huge fan of Carly Rae Jepsen ever since my high school bully got trampled to death by the flashmob of I Really Like You.)
TAK: C'mon season Styles, let's get sickening! fails death drop and breaks her left hip.
(Confessional: Hey hey, I'm Trixie Alaska Katya, okurrr. I've been watching Drag Race ever since its first season, when Aquaria won. My hobbies are making lesbian fanfics about the Queens and sending death threats to any person of color.)
Samba: É vencedor samba do Brasil!
TAK: Why is she speaking Italian?
(Confessional: Olá, sou Samba Mabelz, sei perfeitamente falar inglês, mas vou fingir que não, para poder enganar essas vadias.)
Beatrix: fall from the ceiling. Hiii! There's something weird in the air!
(Confessional: Good night, I'm Beatrix Weirdo, I'm known for my weird weirdness and being weirdly weird. Did I mention that I'm weird?)
CRM: whisper I think she's weird.
Alexa: Drags of a feather...
Siri: Frock together!
(Confessional: Wassup bitches, we're Alexa and Siri Grady, the first Siamese twins to compete on Drag Race.)
CRM: Wow, I like your glove, girls.
Alexa: Oh this? It's because we're linked...
Siri: By the middle finger.
Dora: Squeeeeeeeeeee!
(Confessional: OMG! OMG! I can't believe I'm here! breathes in the plastic bag. I-I'm Dora the Rectioner. I'm totally not a Harry Styles superfan pretending to be a Drag Queen so I could stalk him.)
Dora: Hey girls! Have you seen Harry Styles yet?
California: That's hot.
(Confessional: I'm California Thunderfuck, the unofficial drag-daughter of Nebraska Thunderfuck, who also happened to be her makeover partner on Some Stars 5. )
TAK: Wow! You're from Alaska's vagina?!
(Confessional: I-AM! Nu'Dolls! Me CAAAAAMP Queen. Camp is love, camp is life.)
Nu'Dolls: Wassuuup whip tongue around. How are you- BITCHEEEEESSSSSSS?!?
Alexia and Siri use their pepper sprays on her.
Granny: Hello young girls, I baked you some cookies.
(Confessional: Hi young fellas. My name's Granny Fierceness. With my 90 years of age, I'm the second oldest Drag Queen to ever compete after Raja.)
The lights turn off.
Nyxtamore: Someone wanted a legend? she appears in a cloud of smoke.
(Confessional: Greetings peasants. I am Nyxtamore, a Ballroom Queen. I choose my name after the Goddess of the night and also because it sounds like "Nique ta mère" in French.)
Tammie: Arrives. Well well, you all look fracking beautiful!
Dora: Squeee! It's Harry Styles!
Tammie: I'm Tammie Brown you dumb whore. Anyway, for the first mini-challenge is gonna be a photoshoot while jumping from a plane. The winner of the mini-challenge earns a parachute.
TAK: Excuse me?
Tammie: Yes?
TAK: When are we gonna meet real Drag Queens? Like Trixie, Alaska, or Katya?
Tammie: I hope you fail.
A few hours later. The Queens are all in bandages, except Nyxtamore.
Tammie: Well Nyxtamore, you're the only who didn't broke a single bone, how did you manage this?
Nyxtamore: Blast! I'm used to jump from taller heights.
Tammie: As the only Queen who isn't injured, you won the mini-challenge! Now let's move on to the maxi-challenge. Oh, Fur Crew!
Furries arrive and roll a table with boxes on it.
Tammie: Do you see those boxes, ladies? Well, each of you will have to craft a wonderful look from the material inside it. Nyxtamore, as the merry woman who won the mini-challenge, you get to choose which Queen gets which box.
Nyxtamore: I choose to have all the boxes.
Tammie: Well frack...
Yuhua: Hm sorry.
Dora: Oh, it's Blackpink!
Yuhua: Who's that stupid bitch?
Tammie: Don't pay attention to him.
Yuhua: Now that I'm reading the bootleg chart of Drag Queen rights, it's forbidden to keep all the boxes for yourself.
Nyxtamore: Fine.
Dora: Oooh, can I have the Watermelon Sugar box, please?!
Nyxtamore: Shut up.
Nyxtamore gives each Queen her box. Herself ends up with the Two Ghosts box. Only the TPWK box is left.
Yuhua: Hmm, isn't that strange? One box is left. I wonder what's inside...
Serena: pop up from the box. Hola perras!
(Confessional: Hola hola! I'm Serena Cha Cha, the Drag scholar. You might recognize me as I was a guest judge on two episodes of season 5 of Drag Race.)
Tammie: Well, isn't that fracking Serena Cha Cha?
Yuhua: The surprise contestant!
Later on the runway.
Harry Styles: Hey, tonight on the runway, the Queens were tasked to craft a look out of boxes. Do you like boxes Tammie?
Tammie: Who the hell is that?
Yuhua: That's Harry Styles, the host of the show.
Tammie: Why?
The Queens show their looks.
Harry: Nyxtamore, California, Beatrix, Alexa, Siri, Trixie. You're all safe.
Trixie: This is bullshit.
Tammie: Shut up and go curl your pubes in Untucked.
Harry: The rest of you represent the tops and bottoms of this week. Nu'Dolls.
Nu'Dolls: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!
Tammie throws a peanut in Nu'Dolls's throat.
Harry: So your box was Sunflower, which was full of farming material. And came on the runway in a potato sack with Camp written on it?
Nu'Dolls: It's camp! It's fun!
Yuhua: It's trash, honey.
Harry: Next up, Serena Cha Cha. Your box was TPWK, which stood for Trash Phashion Werk Kunt.
Yuhua: First off, I want to say that I love the fabric of your dress, how did you make it?
Serena: Well I used the wings of the flies from the garbage can you gave me.
Tammie: You harmed insects?
Serena: Hum well.
Tammie: You heartless slut. How could you wound a fly?
Harry: Next up, Granny Fierceness. You had the Golden Box.
Yuhua: Wow, you're serving Golden Girls extravaganza on the runway! This knitted molten golden fantasy is everything!
Harry: Next up, Dor-
Tammie throws a book at her.
Harry: So, your box was Watermelon Sugar, which was full of Summer Party stuff. And you used it to craft a statue?
Dora: It's a bust of the greatest artist of all time!
Tammie: Schubert?
Dora: No! Harry Styles!
Harry: Oh...
Yuhua: Sweetie, Donald Trump run over by a truck looks better than the shit you called a bust.
Harry: Next is Carly Rae Muckduck.
All three judges: Low.
Harry: Well, it's just you left, Samba. Your box was Sweet Creature, filled with candy and sweets.
Yuhua: How did you make this sublime look?
Samba: Eu dei o doce para algumas crianças em troca de tecido.
Harry: Wow, this is so inspiring... While you ladies untucked, we will stare blankly at the floor while the producers tell us what to say next.
After Untucked.
Harry: Serena Cha Cha, tonight you redeemed yourself. You watered our crops and ended poverty in the whole world. Condragulations Samba Mabelz, you're the winner of this week's challenge. Serena, you're safe...
Yuhua: Granny Fierceness, you showered us with gold, you're safe. Carly, you were supposed to make New York with a look, but instead, you gave us New York in its current state, miserable. Nu'Dolls, what was planned to be a farm Queen ended up being a shitty scarecrow.
Tammie: Dora, you're up for elimination tonight.
Dora: What?
Yuhua: Same for you Nu'Dolls. Carly, you're safe.
Harry: Tonight, you were tasked to lipsync to Kill this Love by Blackpink.
Yuhua: But because of copyrights, it's gonna be the nightcore speed up version.
Tammie: Good luck and remember, fuck fracking.
As soon as the song starts, Nu'Dolls grab Dora by the hair and smash her everywhere.
Harry: Hold up! Hold up.
They both stop fighting.
Harry: Nu'Dolls, can you smash Dora again? the camera needs a better angle.
They return to their fight until the lipsync ends. Dora is carried away on a stretcher.
Harry: Well, this was kinda awkward... Nu'Dolls, contact sport isn't Drag. Sashay Away.
Nu'Dolls: WHAT?! But I'm camp!
Yuhua: You're eliminated.
Nu'Dolls: You can't eliminate camp! CAMP IS EVERYTHING!
Yuhua: Security?
Nu'Dolls is dragged away by furries.
Tammie: Good luck!
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2020.08.28 08:26 malornwsx OPENFUSION UPDATE 2

OpenFusion Project [server] via u/openpunk team - cc via e-mail: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Be sure to read the other posts via FusionFall2 featuring select FusionFall Universe devs & u/openpunk server members ;)
OpenFusion is a subsidiary project created by u/openpunk basically an opensource re-implementation of the FusionFall game server coded in C++. OpenFusion is a landwalker server for FusionFall. It currently supports versions beta-20100104 and beta-20100728 of the original game. Further documentation pending.
OpenFusion is affiliated with OpenPunk consisting of @ Devan @ Kevman95 former FusionFall Universe developers & u/cpunch + u/Raymonf (@openpunk admins) other skilled users have assisted their project.
OPENFUSION PROJECT - via GD {game assets & server data}
OPENFUSION X - + via GD + [discord] {servepacket data}
OPENFUSION_VS - + via GD + [discord] {servepacket data} [download]
@ openfusion [folder] - {} [GD]
Community Drop Guide - + Universal Guide -
X - 7-Zip + WinRAR + WinZip [file extractors] + DX9 Ripper + File Viewer Plus + Hex Workshop + IDA + PE Explorer + UniPlayer + Telerik Fiddler Web Debugger + Universal Viewer + UTinyRipper programs available to download via FFU CLIENT - x
X2 {}
Download the client+server bundle from here. []
Run FreeClient/installUnity.bat once
From then on, any time you want to run the "game":
Run OpenFusionRelease/winfusion.exe
Run FreeClient/OpenFusionClient.exe
Currently the client by default connects to a public server hosted by Cake. Change the loginInfo.php to point to your own server if you want to host your own.
You have two randomized characters available to you on the Character Selection screen, one boy, one girl. You can also make your own character and play through the tutorial. The tutorial can be skipped by pressing the ~ key.
For a more detailed overview of the game's architecture and how to configure it, read the following sections.
  • FusionFall consists of the following components:
  • A web browser compatible with the old NPAPI plugin interface
  • A web server that acts as a gateway for launching the game
  • A custom version of the Unity Web Player, which gets loaded as an NPAPI plugin
  • A .unity3d bundle that contains the game code and essential resources (loading screen, etc.)
  • A login server that speaks the FusionFall network protocol over TCP
  • A shard server that does the same on another port
The original game made use of the player's actual web browser to launch the game, but since then the NPAPI plugin interface the game relied on has been deprecated and is no longer available in most modern browsers. Both Retro and OpenFusion get around this issue by distributing an older version of Electron, a software package that is essentially a specialized web browser.
The browseElectron client opens a web page with an tag of MIME type application/vnd.unity, where the src param is the address of the game's .unity3d entrypoint.
This triggers the browser to load an NPAPI plugin that handles this MIME type, the Unity Web Player, which the browser looks for in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Unity\WebPlayer. The Web Player was previously copied there by installUnity.bat.
Note that the version of the web player distributed with OpenFusion expects a standard UnityWeb magic number for all assets, instead of Retro's modified streamed magic number. This will potentially become relevant later, as people start experimenting and mixing and matching versions.
The web player will execute the game code, which will request the following files from the server: /assetInfo.php and /loginInfo.php.
FreeClient/resources/app/files/assetInfo.php contains the address from which to fetch the rest of the game's assets (the "dongresources"). Normally those would be hosted on the same web server as the gateway, but the OpenFusion distribution (in it's default configuration) doesn't use a web server at all! It loads the web pages locally using the file:// schema, and fetches the game's assets from Turner's CDN (which is still hosting them to this day!).
FreeClient/resources/app/files/loginInfo.php contains the IP:port pair of the FusionFall login server, which the client will connect to. This login server drives the client while it's in the Character Selection menu, as well as Character Creation and the Tutorial.
When the player clicks "ENTER THE GAME" (or completes the tutorial), the login server sends it the address of the shard server, which the client will then connect to and remain connected to during gameplay.
You can change the ports the FusionFall server listens on in OpenFusion/config.ini. Make sure the login server port is in sync with loginInfo.php. The shard port needs no such synchronization. You can also configure the distance at which you'll be able to see other players, though by default it's already as high as you'll want it.
If you want to play with friends, you can change the IP in loginInfo.php to a login server hosted elsewhere. This just works if you're all under the same LAN, but if you want to play over the internet you'll need to open a port, use a service like Hamachi or nGrok, or host the server on a VPS (just like any other game server).
If you're in a region in which Turner's CDN doesn't still have the game's assets cached, you won't be able to play the game in its default configuration. You'll need to obtain the necessary assets elsewhere and set up your own local web server to host them, because unlike web browsers, the game itself cannot interpret the file:// schema, and will thus need the assets hosted on an actual HTTP server. Don't forget to point assetInfo.php to where you're hosting the assets and change the src param of both the tag and the tag in FreeClient/resources/files/index.html to where you're hosting the .unity3d entrypoint.
If you change loginInfo.php or assetInfo.php, make sure not to put any newline characters (or any other whitespace) at the end of the file(s). Some modern IDEs/text editors do this automatically. If all else fails, use Notepad.
OpenFusion can be compiled from source using the included makefile. A detailed compilation guide is available for Windows users in the wiki. Otherwise, to compile it for the current platform you're on, just run make with the correct build tools installed (currently make and clang).
Notice the quotes. This is not a full-fledged game that can be played. It's what's called a landwalker; enough of the server has been implemented to allow players to run around in the game world, and not much else. [image]
To make your landwalking experience more pleasant, you can make use of a few admin commands to get around easier:
A /speed of around 2400 or 3000 is nice.
A /jump of about 50 will send you soaring
This map (credit to Danny O) is useful for /warp coordinates.
/goto is useful for more precise teleportation (ie. for getting into Infected Zones, etc.).
23 lines (17 sloc) 924 Bytes
# makefile for OpenFusion
OBJS = src/*.cpp # source files to compile
CC = clang++ # using GNU C++ compiler
WIN_CC = x86_64-w64-mingw32-g++ # using GNU C++ compiler
# -w suppresses all warnings (the part that's commented out helps me find memory leaks, it ruins performance though!)
COMPILER_FLAGS = -std=c++17 -o3 -static #-g3 -fsanitize=address
WIN_COMPILER_FLAGS = -std=c++17 -o3 -static #-g3 -fsanitize=address
#LINKER_FLAGS specifies the libraries we're linking against (NONE, this is a single header library.)
LINKER_FLAGS = -lpthread
WIN_LINKER_FLAGS = -lws2_32 -lwsock32
#OBJ_NAME specifies the name of our exectuable
OBJ_NAME = bin/fusion # location of output for build
WIN_OBJ_NAME = bin/winfusion.exe # location of output for build
all: $(OBJS)
windows: $(OBJS)
Add a link to Windows compilation instructions
Some modern IDEs/text editors do this automatically. If all else fails, use Note
OpenFusion can be compiled from source using the included makefile. to compile for windows (on a *nix system) use `make windows`, otherwise to compile it for the current platform you're on just run `make`
OpenFusion can be compiled from source using the included makefile. A detailed compilation guide is available for Windows users [in the wiki]( Otherwise, to compile it for the current platform you're on, just run `make` with the correct build tools installed (currently make and clang).
To make your landwalking experience more pleasant, you can make use of a few admin commands to get around easier:
  • A /speed of around 2400 or 3000 is nice.
  • A /jump of about 50 will send you soaring
  • This map (credit to Danny O) is useful for /warpcoordinates.
  • /gotois useful for more precise teleportation (ie. for getting into Infected Zones, etc.).
  • /itemN [type] [itemId] [amount](Refer to the item list)
  • /nano [id] (1-36)
  • /nano_equip [id] (1-36) [slot] (0-2)
  • /nano_unequip [slot] (0-2)
  • /nano_active [slot] (0-2)
Merge pull request #2 from OpenFusionProject/Raymonf-readme-windows


  • ADDED extra useful tools & asset files (FusionFall/OpenFusion) available via DOWNLOAD
  • ADDED links to access OpenFusion content game assets [download] via GOOGLE DRIVE
Useful tools:
QuickBMS Script: for unpacking main.unity3d (install QuickBMS first of course)
dnSpy: For decompilation purposes -
X [via download]
ACADEMY - via Mac#9480 [discord] via FusionFall Brasil via Nero
OPENFUSION - x via Danny O via FusionFall Universe HQ via Nermin via Nero via zakthepower via gamebrain2000 via Infinite Insights
Of course without my assistance various FusionFall teams wouldn't have been able to extract the game assets (generic files) & audio for select characters for their projects glad I could assist. ;)

-- ARCHIVE for the GAME & ADDED the LINKS for easy access - + + {FFU Client} + + + + + [via GOOGLE DRIVE]. INCLUDES - #fusionfall data/info files + #fusionfallretro early access + #fusionfalluniverse + #fusionfall:project-revive + other DISCLOSED FUSIONFALL FILES ONLINE [CN]
@Bambeptin @Dogon_McBanana @DrawsKem @Funske32 @Kevman95 @KuroArtist @KyraXyreSpace @Lunar_Seastar @MattWavesx @MeModelZenpock @panman_music @przzyfied @RealWilttilt @TechTheNoob @virtanderson @WileyTheKoyote @womayhem #fusionfall #fusionfalllegacy #fusionfalluniverse via TWITTER


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2020.08.18 23:52 ladysylveonwastaken "Eu me preocupo com as duas vidas igualmente"

Não, você não se preocupa.

É impossível se preocupar igualmente com duas vidas em uma situação onde o direito de existência de ambas se sobrepõem: você precisa, necessariamente, escolher um lado. Desde o Código Penal de 1940, o aborto não é penalizado se feito por um profissional médico nos casos de a) risco de vida à gestante b) estupro (artigo 128). No caso de risco de vida à gestante, simplesmente é impossível se importar igualmente com as duas vidas pois esta é uma situação de vida ou morte onde a vida de uma das partes será priorizada em prol da outra. Se você se põem do lado da menina, você está automaticamente colocando os direitos dela acima da existência do feto. Se você se põem do lado do feto, você está automaticamente colocando as expectativas de direito do feto acima dos direitos adquiridos da menina.

"Mas dá para salvar as duas vidas. Era só fazer uma cesariana, poderia ter esperado só mais alguns dias"
Não dá. Para decidir se uma gravidez representa ou não um risco de morte à gestante, é necessário um corpo médico composto por profissionais especializados no assunto e que, juntos, determinaram que, em face dos fatos, prosseguir com a gestação e tais circunstâncias causará, muito provavelmente, o óbito da mulher (ou, no mínimo, sequelas graves que poderão levar ao óbito). Portanto, se há um corpo médico especializado afirmando "essa gravidez irá matar essa menina e o aborto é a melhor solução" eu acho que é de uma arrogância sem igual você, um zé ninguém que não estudou medicina (e que, ainda que tenha estudado, não teve acesso ao caso específico dessa menina) falar que "dava para ter salvado as duas vidas".
Cesárea é uma cirurgia séria e perigosa. Embora seja banalizada no Brasil, há um risco de mortalidade muito maior associado às cesáreas do que aos partos normais (1° estudo. Hall MH, Bewley S. Maternal mortality and mode of delivery 2° estudo. Harper MA, Byington RP, Espeland MA, Naughton M, Meyer R, Lane K. Pregnancy-re-lated death and health care services). Os riscos de mortalidade e complicações são ainda maiores pela menina ser apenas uma criança, cujo corpo pequeno ainda não se desenvolveu apropriadamente para uma gravidez; portanto, a indução de um parto normal também seria inviável e perigoso. Entre os riscos associados à continuação dessa gestação, dá pra citar hemorragia, pré-eclâmpsia, eclâmpsia, ruptura uterina, rotura perineal, pressão desregulada e outras condições fatais principalmente considerando a idade da gestante, já que quanto mais nova, maiores os riscos (P O Olausson, S Cnattingius, B Haglund. Teenage pregnancies and risk of late fetal death and infant mortality). Obrigar a menina a seguir a gestação por mais um dia que fosse seria era apenas degradante, humilhante e uma fora de tortura física e psicológica, mas também seria obrigá-la a arriscar a própria vida contra a própria vontade dela (leia abaixo).

"Teria sido mais seguro ela ter tido o bebê do que ter abortado"
O risco de morte da gestante associado ao parto é até 14x maior do que o risco de morte ao abortar legalmente, com acompanhamento médico (Elizabeth G Raymond, David A Grimes. The comparative safety of legal induced abortion and childbirth in the United States). Não é difícil de entender que abortar um feto de 500 gramas é muito menos arriscado do que ter o parto de uma criança de 2 ou 3 quilos.

"A menina vai ter mais traumas por causa do aborto do que teria se tivesse tido o filho"
Esse é um argumento baseado apenas em apelo à emoção e que não tem nenhum tipo de verificação por trás. Uma pesquisa realizada pelo médico Jefferson Drezett (Grounds to legally interrupt pregnancy resulting of rape and effects of abortion on women daily relations) estudou os motivos das mulheres para realizar o abortamento por gravidez decorrente de violência sexual. Entre os resultados encontrados evidencio as seguintes informações: "o repúdio pela gravidez foi encontrado em 88,4% [dos casos]; vínculo com a violência em 86,0% [dos casos]" e "Não houve arrependimento" dessas mulheres por terem escolhido abortar.
57% das mortes de garotas grávidas entre 10 e 19 anos em El Salvador são por suicídio, embora seja possível que haja muitos outros casos não denunciados. El Salvador é um país que proíbe aborto mesmo em caso de estupro e incesto, então muitas crianças ficam grávidas através de violência sexual, já que a maior parte dos casos envolve menores de idade.
Suicídio também é responsável por 28% de todas as mortes maternas no primeiro ano do pós-parto, e também é considerado uma das três maiores causas de mortalidade materna. (Tavares D, Quevedo L, Jansen K, Souza L, Pinheiro R, Silva R. Prevalence of suicide risk and comorbidities in postpartum women in Pelotas.)
A garota de dez anos não queria continuar a gravidez de forma alguma: "[...] a infante apertava contra o peito um urso de pelúcia e 'só de tocar no assunto da gestação, a criança entra em profundo sofrimento, grita, chora e nega a todo instante, apenas reafirma não querer', sendo declarado a todo instante que não deseja levar a gravidez adiante, sempre chorando muito e demonstrando inestimável sofrimento". Mais uma vez ressalto que obrigá-la a continuar com a gestação não a punha apenas em grave risco físico mas também agravava o constante sofrimento psicológico que poderia se aprofundar na forma de transtornos psicológicos como depressão, estresse pós-traumático, ansiedade e até mesmo risco de suicídio.
Há o mito que o aborto trará traumas e arrependimentos às mulheres, mas uma pesquisa publicada na Science (Psychological Responses After Abortion. NE Adler, HP David, BN Major, SH Roth, NF Russo, GE Wyatt) aponta que é o contrário: as respostas mais comuns são alívio e felicidade, sendo o alívio visto em 76% das mulheres.

"Mas o feto não tem culpa"
E a menina tem culpa, por acaso? Se ela não tem culpa, por quê ela tinha que arriscar a própria vida e até mesmo morrer por causa do crime e da culpa de outra pessoa? O aborto não foi feito para a vítima se vingar do tio estuprador e sim para salvar a vida da menina, que é prioridade.
Tendo tudo isso sido dito, se você quer defender o feto, tudo bem, mas pelo menos seja honesto em relação a isso. Você não se preocupa "com as duas vidas". Defender o feto é necessariamente se preocupar mais com a vida dele do que com a vida da menina.
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2020.08.18 15:49 Fcarvalhost Update: Uncle who raped 10-year-old niece for four years was found and arrested

Hello again. Last weekend I posted a case of a 10-year-old girl who was raped by her uncle for at least four years in Brazil. The case has gained considerable repercussions so far due to the confusion that was installed at the door of a hospital by an extreme pro-life group that tried to prevent the procedure.
This Tuesday (18th), we had a very important update. The 33-year-old uncle (officially still called a suspect, because investigations ongoing) was located and arrested in the early hours of the day in the city of Betim, which is in the interior of the state of Minas Gerais.
According to the Civil Police, the 33-year-old man did not resist arrest and was located in Minas after intelligence work. The arrest was announced on Twitter in a post by the governor of Espírito Santo.
The suspect will be sent to the Xuri Penitentiary Complex, in Vila Velha, Vitória, Espírito Santo. He was indicted for rape of vulnerable and threatening and had been on the run since the past week.
The man also had a criminal record for drug trafficking and was arrested between 2011 and 2018.


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2020.08.17 00:25 Fcarvalhost 10 year old girl, gets pregnant after being raped by her uncle for at least four years; Kid is called "murderer" by some people and politic activist for having abortion

Hello again. Once again coming to this community to write about a high-profile case that happened in Brazil. This time, a barbaric case, as seen in the title. Sorry about my english for any mistake.

As the title says, a 10-year-old girl, who has been raped by her 33-year-old uncle by four years at least, ended up getting pregnant. The case came to the attention of the police last Saturday (8), but only this weekend, it came to public knowledge.
The girl was admitted to a hospital in the city of São Mateus, north of Espírito Santo, last week.
She felt pain in her abdomen. A blood test showed that she was pregnant. The girl said she was raped by her own uncle.
The police investigated the case and in less than ten days surveyed. The child's uncle was indicted for rape of vulnerable and threatened.
Justice decreed the arrest, but the 33-year-old man is on the run. This week, the Civil Police teams followed a lead that he would be in Bahia, went there, but could not find him.
The family scheduled the abortion procedure in Espírito Santo, for this weekend. However, he ended up dealing with problems.

In cases of rape, Brazilian law allows abortion. However, the child was denied the request by Cassiano Antônio University Hospital, in Espírito Santo. The procedure was authorized by the court.
The impediment to the procedure would be the advancement of pregnancy. The girl was 22 weeks pregnant, more than five months, and not three as included.
After the denial, the girl traveled to another state accompanied by a social worker. The destination location, where she will perform the procedure, was kept confidential. However, more problems happened.

A political activist named Sara Winter disclosed on Saturday night (15) the location and address of the hospital where a 10-year-old child would have the abortion procedure since Sunday (16).
Conservative, supporter of far-right policies (advocate of agendas that call for the closure of the country's legislative powers, for example) and religious, Sara Winter broke the silence so that her supporters would prevent the procedure from being carried out, since Sara is totally against any abortion practice.
The location of the procedure chosen was Pernambuco, known in Espírito Santo.
This disclosure is a violation of Article 17 of the Statute of Children and Adolescents, which ensures the preservation of the child's identity, as well as a violation of Article 286 of the Brazilian Penal Code, which prohibits publicly inciting the practice of crime.

A group of at least 50 people was present at the site from the early hours of the day. At the request of the activist, they tried to prevent a child from entering the hospital. The police acted on the spot and got the child to enter the hospital.
Still, a child was greeted with cries of "murderer", for performing the abortion.

A search for the offender (the 33-year-old uncle) was carried out by the local police in the interior of Bahia, where his parents reside. However, the police found nothing and the perpetrator is considered a fugitive from justice.

UPDATE: Scenes of tonight in Pernambuco. That's a clearly hospital invasion tentative caused by that group.
UPDATE 2 - 08/16 I made another post to update this case. The uncle was found and arrested by police this morning in Minas Gerais.
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2020.08.15 21:49 DesiAlexa RDT YouTube Playlist - August 15, 2020

No. Requested_by VIDEO OP's Remark
1 kawaiiiiiiijay Make the World Go Away None
2 kawaiiiiiiijay John Denver - Annie's Song (Official Audio) None
3 burnh12 MADNO None
4 The-Soldier-in-White Gladiator • Now We Are Free • Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard Tagging u_GumnaamFlautist None
5 burnh12 Yeh Honsla None
6 burnh12 Ek Jindari Lyrical Video - Hindi Medium - Irrfan Khan, Saba Qamar - Sachin -Jigar None
7 co_coa Kho Gaye Hum Kahan -Full Video -Baar Baar Dekho - Sidharth Malhotra, Katrina K- Jasleen R, Prateek K None
8 burnh12 Mukeshwa Ke Debe Ta Sar Jae None
9 co_coa Few minutes before dhoni hit the last ball six of worldcup 2011 None
10 co_coa Raat Raazi None
11 burnh12 Om Mangalam (Uncut Video Song) - Kambakkht Ishq - Akshay Kumar & Kareena Kapoor None
12 bubblebudgie Skeeter Davis ~ The End of The World (1962) None
13 burnh12 Nazar Nazar - Video Song - Fida - Shahid Kapoor & Kareena Kapoor - Udit N & Sapna - Anu Malik None
14 The-Soldier-in-White Beyoncé - Haunted (Michael Diamond Remix) None
15 BUNTOLEY Hanita Bhambri - Nothing For Our Own None
16 wannaboolwithme Joji ft. Clams Casino - CAN'T GET OVER YOU None
17 poopy__bunghole Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved (Official Music Video) None
18 Meraxes373 Cat's In The Cradle None
19 wannaboolwithme Island Song (Come Along with Me) (feat. Ashley Eriksson) None
20 co_coa Post Malone - rockstar ft. 21 Savage None
21 poopy__bunghole Oh I'm A Good Old Rebel None
22 Cucumber_Which Snow Patrol - Open Your Eyes (Official Video) None
23 Ursamajorazure Aao Chalein None
24 HoeYouknowme Rajnigandha Phool Tumhare - Rajnigandha Song - Amol Palekar - Vidya Sinha - Lata Mangeshkar None
25 Meraxes373 George Jones - He Stopped Loving Her Today None
26 Cucumber_Which Magic - Colbie Caillat (lyrics) None
27 Cucumber_Which Christina Perri - A Thousand Years [Official Music Video] None
28 Meraxes373 Willie Nelson - Buddy None
29 6abhi6jeet6 Jamiroquai - Love Foolosophy [Official Video] None
30 IIlIlllIIIll Vengaboys - To Brazil! None
31 hocuspocusmucous Jennifer Lopez - Ain't Your Mama None
32 Mokshadeva PESQUISEI "BRAZIL" no GOOGLE (o que os gringos buscam sobre Brasil) None
33 hocuspocusmucous Scene Contra - Premam None
34 Oxeam3 Linkin Park - Roads Untraveled None
35 akhileshthorat In The End (Official Video) - Linkin Park None
36 wannaboolwithme The Weeknd - Blinding Lights None
37 parlejibiscoot Backstreet Boys - I Want It That Way (Official Music Video) None
38 antonvandyck Afroman - Colt 45 lyrics (High Quality) None
39 poopy__bunghole Eye-To-Eye - A Goofy Movie Lyrics HD fuck u alexa, I meant this one
40 hocuspocusmucous Aao Raja - Gabbar Is Back - Chitrangada Singh - Yo Yo Honey Singh - Neha Kakkar -DanceParty None
41 xartaddct Shweta Shetty - Johnny Joker Video None
42 co_coa Harry Styles - Sign of the Times (Official Video) None
43 antonvandyck Pitbull ft. Chris Brown - International Love (Official Video) None
44 antonvandyck Pitbull - Timber ft. Ke$ha (Official Video) None
45 bubblebudgie Angel Eyes - Raghav Tere Baaton Mein None
46 xartaddct 50 Cent ft. Justin Timberlake - Ayo Technology (Official Video) None
47 Oxeam3 Ava Max - Who's Laughing Now [Official Music Video] None
48 bitchiamsexy Lazy Weekends - Make You Remember (Lyrics) ft. Your Friends None
49 6abhi6jeet6 Alisha Chinai - Made In India Official Video - Milind Soman - Biddu - Ken Ghosh None
50 xartaddct Justin Timberlake - LoveStoned/I Think She Knows Interlude None
51 co_coa Foster The People - Pumped up Kicks (Official Music Video) None
52 poopy__bunghole Justin Timberlake - SexyBack (Director's Cut) ft. Timbaland None
53 cask_pussyslayer Sunny Leone - Saree Wali Girl - Girik Aman None
54 xartaddct The Weeknd - In The Night / Can’t Feel My Face (Victoria Secret Paris Fashion Show) 4K HDR VIDEO 32D None
55 parlejibiscoot Vengaboys - Shalala lala None
56 co_coa Kanye West - Heartless None
57 hocuspocusmucous O Meri Jaan Full Video - Tum Mile-Emraan Hashmi,Soha Ali Khan-Pritam-KK-Sayeed Quadri None
58 Ursamajorazure Kahan hoon main -- Rasm-E- Duniya Not this one
59 6abhi6jeet6 The Weeknd - Can't Feel My Face (Official Video) None
60 antonvandyck Smile - Butterfly (Official Music Video) None
61 hocuspocusmucous Maaloom (Full Video Song) - Lekar Hum Deewana Dil - Armaan Jain & Deeksha Seth None
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76 xartaddct Lou Bega - Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit of...) (Official Video) None
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79 trspnpnpn Tomb Raider - Reborn Trailer Music (Fired Earth and Liquid Cinema Mix) None
81 Cucumber_Which Vengaboys - Shalala lala None
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85 Cucumber_Which The Corrs - Erin Shore ALBUM VERSION None
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92 i_Killed_Reddit Frenzo Harami - Tujhe Maaf Kiya [Music Video] So edgy
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94 i_Killed_Reddit Kyun Kisi Ko (Video Song) - Tere Naam - Salman Khan - Bhumika Chawla None
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117 parlejibiscoot Khuda Se Mannat He Meri Full Video Song - HD - Mohanlal - Keerthichakra Movie Song None
118 terimeowki BENEE - Supalonely ft. Gus Dapperton good bot
119 Cucumber_Which Friends Theme song with lyrics None
120 Supernovaphoton Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga - Title Song - Anil - Sonam - Rajkummar - Juhi - Darshan - Rochak None
121 Ursamajorazure Baby Doll Full Video Song Ragini MMS 2 - Sunny Leone - Meet Bros Anjjan Feat. Kanika Kapoor Not This one pagli
122 Ursamajorazure Funniest Animals Scaring People Reactions of 2016 Weekly Compilation - Kyoot Animals None
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125 BadSalad420 The Cranberries - Zombie (Official Music Video) None
126 HoeYouknowme The Cranberries - This Is The Day None
127 bitchiamsexy Ae Mere Watan Ke Logon with lyrics- Lata Mangeshkar - Live in Concert None
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2020.08.10 23:19 siggy_is_a_cat I'm not trans, I'm a travesty

My pronouns are gross/chaos/mess.
As all transtrenderrs do, I was hunting in the fields one day for a special snowflake gender of my own (did I say hunt? Oh gosh no, travies don't hunt--that's far too masculine!--we covet), when I came across a cute little Brazilian term of "travesti". Of course I needed to Americanize it (because trenders and transgendreds are a uniquely American problem), so I gave it a cute little "y" on the end instead, so people see me as the cute little girl travesty I am.
/uj I just learned that in Brasil trans women and crossdressers are more popularly known as "travesti". I looked up the origin of the word "travesty" because it seemed too suspiciously similar and sure enough: "ORIGIN OF 'TRAVESTY': Mid 17th century (as an adjective in the sense ‘dressed to appear ridiculous’): from French travesti ‘disguised’, past participle of travestir, from Italian travestire, from trans- ‘across’ + vestire ‘clothe’."...... I feel more skeeved about this than I ought to.
/rj finally a term that truly encapsulates how disgusting I am!
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Gamers when they spam the n-word and call it satire vs gamers when they stumble on banvideogames.
g0xioy6 in JellesMarbleRuns on 09 Aug 20 (1pts):
Everything worked out for my O'Rangers this round. Gold medal while Speeders had an incredible bad night. It's going back home, fellows!
g0wy6lh in IzuOcha on 09 Aug 20 (1pts):
g0wxe0g in BokuNoShipAcademia on 09 Aug 20 (3pts):
The fandom, at least on Reddit, constantly justifies his actions
So true. The most upvoted post on BokunoHeroAcademia is a completely bogus theory justifying every bad action he had which...
g0wp1gi in toloveru on 09 Aug 20 (2pts):
You can't fight with Yabuki's talent to hide explicit scenes in plain sight. He is too powerful and he knows exactly how to get away with it.
g0whsxi in manga on 09 Aug 20 (2pts):
Campbelldon. Wimbledon. I see.
g0vdri5 in BokuNoShipAcademia on 09 Aug 20 (6pts):
I believe the reason you are seeing too much of it lately is because it was the Dustbunny week or something like that on tumblr and twitter.
g0vdlog in BokuNoHeroAcademia on 09 Aug 20 (1pts):
Deku is the first user to unlock the quirk of a previous user, so if there is a tenth user (and that's a big if), it's possible that they won't be able to use all powers.
g0v2ry9 in IzuOcha on 09 Aug 20 (3pts):
The Tales of Ladybug Ochako and Deku Noir in this link
g0uzett in BokuNoShipAcademia on 09 Aug 20 (21pts):
Comparing Kaminari and Mineta is a big reach for people that wish to defend Mineta.
Besides the other aspects you mentioned about Kaminari's personality, there is a scene back in the Festival Arc...
g0udr1n in BanVideoGames on 09 Aug 20 (62pts):
And they even use the k-word liberally like that. This is beyond degrading.
g0u2m2b in IzuOcha on 08 Aug 20 (7pts):
Look here for the original art.
g0t1a3n in BanVideoGames on 08 Aug 20 (9pts):
You are so brave, but please take care of yourself. They are maniacs, all of them, and they'll do anything to destroy you.
g0t10hx in BanVideoGames on 08 Aug 20 (8pts):
That's exactly right. I wish my great-grandson taught me how to do those little faces on Facebook. Unfortunately he is too busy getting radicalized by something called Animal Crossing, but imagine a...
g0stovz in interestingasfuck on 08 Aug 20 (1pts):
Nice to see people linking this subreddit in positive situations as well.
E sempre procuro ele em qualquer coisa do Brasil aqui nesse site.
g0sf3s4 in IzuOcha on 08 Aug 20 (3pts):
Good link
g0saokv in IzuOcha on 08 Aug 20 (6pts):
Thanks for translating man
g0s0z75 in manga on 08 Aug 20 (54pts):
What a sick fuck.
g0rw27b in IzuOcha on 08 Aug 20 (12pts):
She saw the photo and concluded that the man knew Izuku would become the new symbol of peace from back then.
g0rv477 in IzuOcha on 08 Aug 20 (6pts):
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What the fuck, I saw Act-Age trending on twitter and thought it was anime news. I don't know how to react to this, what a terrible whiplash. Fuck.
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You should reach out for your son, my good fellow facebooker. There is still hope for him!
g0ri3ff in asoiaf on 08 Aug 20 (2pts):
They weren't in position to step on Tywin's toes. It was a question of who they (Robert and Jon Arryn) valued more: Lannisters or Martells. The war wasn't over yet and Lannisters could potentially...
g0rhkkx in Gamingcirclejerk on 08 Aug 20 (10pts):
Great template for a meme, btw
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I can't see Bam beating someone like Yuri right now and she's what? Top 500, right? So he would be bellow that.
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That series solidified @JelloJolteon as my favorite IzuOcha artist. It had such a warm feeling
g0rf379 in awfuleverything on 08 Aug 20 (51pts):
The question that should be asked is why the lies in the reports. Seems like every major death of someone at the hands of the police has some false report that is later disproved by video images.
g0rebyp in anime on 08 Aug 20 (10pts):
Chainsaw Man is another manga without anime (yet) that has impressive karma as well.
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Impressive link.
g0qyk10 in manga on 08 Aug 20 (16pts):
This image cures cancer
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Source. The artist did this art for another artist's birthday, just some context for y'all.
g0qeffc in IzuOcha on 07 Aug 20 (1pts):
g0puosv in IzuOcha on 07 Aug 20 (5pts):
For Deku's affection, though Ochako is the clear winner
g0ppym4 in IzuOcha on 07 Aug 20 (6pts):
Look at this photograph. I mean, original fanart.
g0ppq2a in IzuOcha on 07 Aug 20 (3pts):
The source is this tumblr link
g0pji46 in SubredditDrama on 07 Aug 20 (7pts):
The elections are going to be unbearable on this website, mark my words
g0p2w8p in TowerofGod on 07 Aug 20 (40pts):
This is a case of bad translation, she is a woman. I wish webtoon was more careful with translating their series, especially something so lore-heavy such as Tower of God.
g0p28d4 in toloveru on 07 Aug 20 (3pts):
We ask the real questions here at toloveru
g0ozo9p in manga on 07 Aug 20 (3pts):
Yabuki probably really wanted to draw her
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Rule of cool
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And because I appealed my shadowban. It's very annoying.
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Reddit keeps shadowbanning me because of the spam filter. I appeal, everything goes back to normal and I am shadowbanned the next day again.
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Hayasaka campaigning comments got downvoted to oblivion
Maybe that's the reason why people voting for the top seed prefer to be silent nowadays. If you go against a certain character that is...
g0n0zyr in anime on 07 Aug 20 (10pts):
Endorsi is also being voted for the material completely cut from ToG anime, I might add. I am surprised she is actually this popular when her character was really butchered in comparison to the...
g0mvyjn in manga on 07 Aug 20 (6pts):
Mangadex is not official publications. You can go to places such as Viz or Crunchyroll, but they're behind a pay wall. If you are interested in Shonen Jump stuff you can go to mangaplus (app or...
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Poor Midoriya.
Also, look at Kirishima having the time of his life with Todoroki and Mineta.
g0mrrr7 in anime on 07 Aug 20 (1pts):
Shokugeki no Soma, to give an example of something that was running on Shonen Jump.
g0m8rte in IzuOcha on 06 Aug 20 (2pts):
The fancy link
g0lyzz3 in BanVideoGames on 06 Aug 20 (25pts):
"Selena Gomez retains the good girl image" - that's because she isn't a g%mer. Watch and learn, fellows
g0loxof in manga on 06 Aug 20 (5pts):
It was funny to see her being the most popular Kaguya girl in the anime back in the first season in comparison to how manga readers feel about her. I mean, it's not like anyone hates her, she is a...
g0lofzj in manga on 06 Aug 20 (1pts):
Excellent localization on your part. Nicely done!
g0lkajg in IzuOcha on 06 Aug 20 (3pts):
g0lk2n8 in IzuOcha on 06 Aug 20 (8pts):
Source with one extra panel.
g0its2t in IzuOcha on 06 Aug 20 (3pts):
Link to the original fanart.
g0it214 in DunderMifflin on 06 Aug 20 (2pts):
It's the thing I do best
g0hnoto in BanVideoGames on 05 Aug 20 (9pts):
This is horrifying. Thanks for raising awareness.
  • Gabe, sent through a bottle message thrown in the ocean
g0hivj0 in IzuOcha on 05 Aug 20 (3pts):
g0fxplk in asoiaf on 05 Aug 20 (1pts):
I only turned around at the end of season 4. There were things bothering me already, such as Stannis depiction on the show and Talysa, but I trick myself into liking it
g0e9s77 in ShingekiNoKyojin on 05 Aug 20 (2pts):
Hopefully Mappa will do justice to the scene, but they'll have a lot to live up to.
g0dcwx8 in BokuNoShipAcademia on 04 Aug 20 (2pts):
(Had to repost because I fucked up the link which in turn fucked up the thumbnail)
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2020.08.09 16:35 vims13 The strange case of the 7 year old girl that was found dead with 42 stab wounds at her sister’s graduation ceremony. Almost 5 year have passed and it remains unsolved.

It’s a brazilian case, so forgive me for any possible mistakes.
The Beatriz Case refers to the murder of the Beatriz Angelica Mota, just seven years old, in Petrolina, on December 10, 2015. She was found dead, with 42 stab wounds, during a graduation party at Colégio Nossa Senhora Auxiliadora (a Catholic School) where she studied and where her father taught.
On December 10, 2015, Beatriz accompanied her parents to her sister's graduation ceremony. Both she and her sister studied at the institution, and her father taught English there. During the event, which was attended by about 2,500 people, Beatriz asked her mother to drink water on the drinking area (?), next to the place the ceremony was taking place, the gymnasium, which she agreed. Her parents noticed her absence about half an hour later, using the microphone to call for her. "Beatriz, my daughter, where are you? Bia, everyone is looking for you", called her father from the stage of the event.
Searches for the girl began immediately, and her body was found in an deposit room by 10:50 pm. The body had 42 knife wounds on the chest, upper and lower limbs. The knife used in the crime was found on her body. She was dressed and there were no signs of sexual abuse.
The place where the crime took place is uncertain, but police say it was not where the body was found. "The place where Beatriz's body was found showed no evidence that the crime occurred there. There was no soot on the child's body, which indicates that she did not enter the place walking or dragged," wrote G1 in March 2016, who also reported that in the previous October, alumni had set fire to this room. Also, most importantly, there were found no blood signs anywhere in the school, even though she got stabbed 42 times.
As investigation goes on, they found footage of the suspect walking around the school and entering it. Video He’s described as black, around 170 cm and wearing a green shirt. He also was seen receiving several phone calls during the time he was wandering around, as if he was waiting someone to call him in.
They found two different male DNA samples on the knife and on the girls’ nails(?). Unfortunately, they don’t match with anyone on the Brazilian Criminal Database.
A man in a green shirt had approached another child in the drinking area before Beatriz. He asked the child to help him pick something up. However, the child, frightened, walked away. Other people also came to see the suspect. A woman saw him standing on the drinking area and thought he was strange, as he was waiting for something. Because of that, the investigation believes that the murderer was trying to lure a random child, and unfortunately, Beatriz was at the wrong place, and wrong time.
Another proven fact is that a bundle with 3 keys had disappeared 10 days before the crime, keys that gave access to all routes to and from the school.
The exact place of the crime was never found.
The family believes that some people that belonged to the school staff were involved.
A prosecutor said the “crime may be religiously motivated".
Also according to the report, the Public Ministry believes that the details can "reinforce" the motivation of the crime. "The form of execution of the child, the age, the injuries, has some elements of black magic. That is why the investigation points out that it was to reach religion. But, this may have been done to disturb the investigation,” he said.,caso-beatriz-promotor-diz-que-crime-pode-ter-motivacao-religiosa
The investigators and the family believe the murderer was looking for a random victim, so it’s hard to know the exact motive of the killing, and it’s believed more than one person were involved on her murder. I personally believe it was a planned attack by, perhaps, multiple people, towards the school. Colégio Nossa Senhora Auxiliadora is a very traditional Catholic School, and it was very famous for those who lived nearby. Some people speculate it was something related to dark magic, but I don’t think so.
Today: Her family is very active on Social Media. After 5 years with no results, her mother created a donation fund so they could pay for a private investigator. They don’t believe the local police will solve the case anymore.
Also there’s an Instagram they update trying to bring more attention to her case and eventually get to the murder. @caso_beatriz The family is very invested on bringing justice to her, so they’re even contacting youtubers so they could bring more attention to her case. They seem really desperate.
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2020.08.06 22:46 LunaMoon3r Am I a transbian

(Hey, I'm brazillian with self thought English, sorry if you guys don't understand something)
Hey people In the last 5 years I've been questioning myself about gender and sexuality I'm AMAB and since I remember I like girls, but since I remember too, i like wearing female clothes, having my long hair, playing with female characters, and always dreamed about waking up as a girl, and cry when wake up still a boy, and think that everything would be way better if I was a girl Now I'm 21 yo, when I was like 15, I thought I was gay, so I tried, and I'm really sure I don't like boys I live with my girlfriend, we have our house, I already told her about the way I feel and she supports me so much I guess I'm a closeted trans lesbian And if I am... going out of the closet is hard, because I like girls, and about sexuality it's all good But I don't wanna be with my girl, as a boy I wanna be with her as a girl Here, in Brasil the trans lesbian community is no that big, and I live in a small town... So Just wanted to know if someone feels like me here
Sorry if it's confuse Thank you all for "listening" <3
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2020.08.06 03:24 fifa_1995 Possible plot for Fantastic Beasts 3!!! And maybe 4 and 5

Possible plot for Fantastic Beasts 3 and last two installments:
We know that obscurials were young wizards who suppressed their magic and emotions, as a result of physical or mental abuse. They were releasing an obscurus, the parasitic black energy, that was destroying everything around. An obscurus separated from its host is useless and cannot survive on its own for long. The obscurial could not be killed when he freed the obscurus, because the obscurus will be shattered into many pieces, and then the pieces will fall back together and, in this case, the obscurial further lives. We know that Credence Barebone (Corvus Lestrange/Aurelius Dumbledore) was an obscurial, because his adoptive mother Mary Lou Barebone was beating him regularly. Gellert Grindelwald did not believe that Credence could be an obscurial, and in a fit of anger, called him a squib, sensing his magical roots, but his lack of ability. Due Aberforth Dumbledore's words, Aberforth's and Albus' sister, Ariana, was nice and gentle most of the time, when she was calm, she helped him feed the goats. But there were times when she was furious, strange and dangerous, often resulting in outbursts like the one who killed their mother, Kendra. That is typical reference of an obscurial. She also was suspected by people in Godric's Hollow, that she was a squib, because she never went to Hogwarts.
Bathilda Bagshot had revealed to Rita Skeeter that shortly after Ariana's death Grindelwald came back shaky and used the Portkey to leave Godric's Hollow. Aberforth Dumbledore told Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger in the Hog's Head Inn in Hogsmeade that Grindelwald run away, because he already had something on his conscience in his country, he did not want to be accused of Ariana's death yet. In Limbo, after destroying the Horcrux in Harry Potter's head by Lord Voldemort in the Forbidden Forest, Albus Dumbledore told Harry that Grindelwald lost control, but Dumbledore never revealed to Harry who killed Ariana. Presumably during the fight between Aberforth, Albus and Grindelwald, she tried to free the obscurus and break the duel between the three wizards, which also led to her death, where Grindelwald casted the killing curse. However, Aberforth never blamed himself for Ariana's death, unlike Albus. I suspect that in the 5th film, during the duel between Albus and Grindelwald in 1945, Grindelwald will try to lie to Albus that Albus killed Ariana and that she was the first person, who died "For The Greater Good". J.K. Rowling once revealed herself that she "thought she had made it clear enough who killed Ariana".
We know that in 1899, when Gellert Grindelwald arrived to Godric's Hollow to explore the grave of Ignotus Peverell, he met Albus Dumbledore and planned with him to rule over the Muggles and plan to find the three Deathly Hallows: the Cloak of Invisibility, the Resurrection Stone and the Elder Wand. During this time they also made a Blood Pact and the mixed blood of both wizards was in the pendant that Grindelwald was having. I think, that Blood Pact is similar to the Unbreakable Vow. When you swore an Unbreakable Vow, you promised to kill someone, if you did not complete the task, you would die. In this case, if Grindelwald and Dumbledore had faced a duel, and the pendant with their blood still existed, both wizards would have died. I also think that the fight where Grindelwald used the Cruciatus on Aberforth and Albus tried to interfere (probably by using a shield charm) doesn't count, because it was a one-on-one duel.
In the end of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Gellert Grindelwald revealed to Credence Barebone, who supposed to be Corvus Lestrange, that he is Aurelius Dumbledore. We know that pure-blood wizards suspected that Credence has to be son of Corvus (IV), the Corvus (V) and half-brother of Leta Lestrange. Corvus in latin means raven. During the Leta flashbacks in 1927, we see that Newt Scamander in 1910 is caring for a raven chick. When Grindelwald is gathering his followers in Paris to go to the Lestrange Mausoleum on Pere-Lachaise Cemetery, he sends a black curtains with the sign of the raven, and the raven is the emblem of the Lestrange family. We also saw, that Credence is caring for a chick in Paris, all people probably thought that was a raven. But in Nurmengard, in Austria, Grindelwald revealed to Credence that was not a raven, but a phoenix, and that in his family there is a legend that phoenix will fly to one of its members when he is in dire need or distress. He also revealed him that his brother, Albus, wants to destroy him, he gives him a wand and a name: Aurelius Dumbledore. THAT IS A LIE! In the deleted scene from Crimes of Grindelwald, Dumbledore after creating the fog and using the Deluminator in London to avoid being seen by the Ministry of Magic agents, Albus told Newt Scamander that many years ago he has heard the rumors that Grindelwald had a vision in which the obscurial kills the man Grindelwald feared the most, to which Newt responded "you". We know that later after one of the battles somewhere in Europe, Grindelwald had a vision in which he saw the obscurus destroying New York and the face of Credence. Grindelwald traveled to New York and Paris to use Credence as a weapon against Dumbledore, because he can't fight with Dumbledore himself due the Blood Pact. To make Credence even more fooled, he gave him a phoenix, but probably during the Credence's fight with Dumbledore, which will probably occur in 3 or 4 part of the film, the phoenix will help Dumbledore. (THAT IS PROBABLY FAWKES, HIS ORIGINS AND HOW HE GET INTO DUMBLEDORE'S POSESSION, THERE ALSO WILL BE SEQUENCE HOW FAWKES GIVES TWO FEATHERS TO TWO WANDS: HARRY POTTER'S AND LORD VOLDEMORT'S. THEN DUMBLEDORE GIVES THE WANDS TO OLLIVANDER)
In Circus Arcanus, Credence befriendend Nagini, the maledictus. We know that the maledictus is a wizard, who has a blood curse and has the ability to transform into an animal when he want, like the animagus, but the animagus acquires these abilities and the maledictus has them from birth, and over time the maledictus transforms into this animal permanently, possibly as the effect of any traumatic event. Probably this moment will come when Credence will fight Dumbledore. Option 1: Dumbledore will tell Credence the truth of who he is and that Credence is not Aurelius and his brother. Credence will attack Grindelwald and will die as a result. OPTION 2: Credence will not believe in Dumbledore's words, and Dumbledore will be forced to kill him with a help of the phoenix. Grindelwald will say that this is another person that Dumbledore sacrifices "For The Greater Good". In both cases, Nagini finds that if it weren't for Dumbledore and Grindelwald's war, Credence would be alive, as a result of which she transforms permanent into a snake and vows revenge by joining Lord Voldemort in the future.
We know that after the Battle in the Lestrange Mausoleum, Newt Scamander delivered Albus Dumbledore the pendant with mixed blood of Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald. We also know that Dumbledore wasn't ready to duel Grindelwald until the pendant wasn't destroyed. We know from the Harry Potter books that Dumbledore was sorted into Gryffindor, and that the sword will reveal only to the true Gryffindor.
In the deleted scene from Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Leta Lestrange and Theseus Scamander attended the ball of pure-blood wizards in Paris. Only purebloods were allowed to attend this ball, so Theseus had to be pure-blood, which automatically meant Newt Scamander too. However, since Newt stayed close to Albus Dumbledore, who was a half-blood wizard and a Muggle and Muggle-born wizards enthusiast, it meant Newt was a blood traitor. Newt was also not against marrying Muggles. Theseus probably shared Newt's views, since he also had a relationship with Dumbledore.
In one of the reviews, J.K. Rowling when asked what is Newt's patronus, she replied "a big spoiler". I think that Occamy will be, because this the beast, that he catches when he befriends Jacob Kowalski, the muggle. Later, he catches the same creature and falls in love with Tina Goldstein, with whom it is known that sooner or later he will get married, have children and will live in Dorset. So I think this creature is very important to him, if not most important, besides the niffler and the bowtruckle. Tina's patronus will be salamander... In the first and second installment of the FB films, there are the songs called "Newt Says Goodbye To Tina" (first film) and Salamander Eyes (second film), where Newt and Tina have their touching moments (farewell at the port in the New York, confessing the truth at the Ministry of Magic in Paris)
If Rowling said that revealing Newt's patronus is a big spoiler, it means the patronus will be in the next movies, so he must have used this spell against the Dementors (or maybe Lethifold, against which the Patronus Charm is also used). We know that third movie will take place in Brazil. Isn't that a good place for dementors to appear? The country of the favela and the spectre of the Second World War and the Global Wizarding War against Grindelwald provide a good backdrop for the dementors. These are sad thoughts that they might feed on. (Death of Leta and death of next person)
I think that Credence Barebone, Theseus Scamander and Yusuf Kama are good candidates for killing, although I am sad to including them on this list.
We know that the Obscurus feeds on emotions similar to those of dementor's: sadness, regret, hatred, despair. As if that was not enough, in Newt Scamander's suitcase, the obscurus of an 8-year-old Sudanese girl was floating in a Snowy Habitat. It is known that in every place where dementors appeared, it was unnaturally cold and everything was frozen. The dementors were born of the fog and were all black, and the obscurus was like a black fog, something similar to horcrux, which Harry Potter and Ron Weasley opened in the Forest of Dean. Does it mean that horcrux is also somehow related to obscurus? Regarding the topic that the obscurus is a little dementor, Rowling herself wrote that she liked the theory.
There is a theory that Newt Scamander gave Rubeus Hagrid the Aragog's egg. I think this theory is wrong, because although Newt was a traveler and Hagrid was given an egg by a traveler, Newt was a magizoologist and he would not knowingly give a thirteen-year-old half-giant, but still a thirteen-year-old, an acromantula egg. Newt classified acromantula in his Fantastic Beasts book as XXXXX, a potential wizard killer. But... "I mean how many people wander around with dragon eggs in their pocket"... We know that Quirinus Quirrell on Lord Voldemort's orders give Hagrid the egg of Norwergian Ridgeback dragon. Also how many people wander around with basilisk eggs in their pocket... Salazar Slytherin placed the basilisk at Hogwarts... So how many people wander around with acromantula eggs in their pocket...? Maybe Grindelwald albo someone from Grindelwald's acolytes.
There is a theory that after Ariana died, her obscurus was so powerful that it placed in Credence. This is one of the most nonsensical theories I have read about on the internet. Credence was beaten by his adoptive mother and became an obscurial, and Ariana was beaten by three Muggle boys and was probably an obscurial too. This theory simply reminds how a part of Voldemort's soul placed in Harry making him a horcrux.
Exactly what is Brazil associated with? With the 2014 FIFA World Cup. I suspect that in FB3, Newt will take Jacob to the Quidditch World Cup, looking for a way to destroy the blood pact pendant along the way. We know that during the First Wizarding War (1970-1981) and the Second (1995-1998) the Quidditch World Cup was canceled. The same was probably during the the First and Second World Wars, but what about the interwar period? Isn't the last time we should see some quidditch?
Queenie Goldstein was skilled in legilimency, so she can read someone else's mind. But can't she also be skilled in occlumency? I think she will later close her mind against Gellert Grindelwald. She will be a kind of double agent. Later she probably marry Jacob Kowalski, because there was a USA quidditch player known as Quentin Kowalski.
The book with phoenix on it, which Nicolas Flamel had in his home in Paris to contact Albus Dumbledore to talk about Gellert Grindelwald's rally in Lestrange Mausoleum at Pere-Lachaise Cemetery. Unfortunately, Dumbledore was busy, so Flamel contacted Eulalie Hicks, a teacher from Ilvermorny. Probably there was the first Order of the Phoenix to fight Grindelwald and Flamel was one of his members. Probably others were: Newt Scamander, Theseus Scamander (double-agent at British Ministry), Tina Goldstein, Queenie Goldstein (double-agent at Grindelwald's acolytes), Yusuf Kama, Eulalie Hicks...
We know that Corvus Lestrange and Credence Barebone were switched on the ship during the trip to New York in 1901. Corvus Lestrange drowned and Credence survived. However, when Credence found his adoption papers there is a birth date on it: November 9th, 1904. The date is false because Corvus (IV) heard that Yusuf Kama had taken an Unbreakable Vow and promised to kill Corvus (V), so on the document the date was falsified to make Kama difficult to find Corvus (V), who was supposed to be Credence.
We know that Dumbledore communicated with centaurs, goblins, trolls, merpeople... Visiting the Pensieve with Harry Potter, he understood what Voldemort and Morfin were talking about in the Parseltongue. However, Dumbledore did not use this speech because it was sorcerous. We know Dumbledore told Harry that he didn't need the Cloak of Invisibility to become invisible, a Disillusionment Charm would suffice for that. He also himself described Grindelwald as a wizard slightly inferior to him in witchcraft. Does that mean Grindelwald was also a Parselmouth? And Newt... in the deleted scene from Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, Newt had a two runespoors in his suitcase. Runespoor is a three-headed snake. Newt showed that he was able to communicate with the graphorns and erumpents. Does that mean he used a Parseltongue to catch the runespoor?
I think Dumbledore was looking for the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets in 1943, because he knew it was Voldemort who opened it, from the moment Voldemort told him in Wool's Orphanage that he is parseltongue. Dumbledore also knew that Voldemort was related to the Gaunts, so shortly after the murder of the Riddle family and the imprisonment of Morfin Gaunt in Azkaban, Dumbledore paid a visit to Morfin to get a memory from him. Dumbledore also knew that Hagrid never opened the Chamber of Secrets and that he was innocent, so he vouched for him and told Armando Dippet to make Hagrid as a helper of the gamekeeper Ogg. Dumbledore, to make sure, probably alerted Newt Scamander to check if Aragog was able to kill Martha Warren (he was, but not in that way, not by looking).
We know that Grindelwald wanted to collect all of the Deathly Hallows. Shortly after Ariana's death he stolen the Elder Wand from Mykew Gregorovitch's wand shop. Grindelwald was also a Seer and he saw a vision of an powerful obscurial. At the beginning of the first part of the movie, we see newspaper clippings, and the Daily Prophet mentions Harry Potter's grandfather, Fleamont, who created the Sleekazy's Hair Potion, which Hermione Granger used during the Yule Ball. Fleamont thus quadrupled the Potters' wealth, but Grindelwald might have had a vision of a man in glasses from Godric's Hollow having the Cloak of Invisibility. When Voldemort arrived at the Gaunt shack in the Little Hangleton, he stunned his uncle Morfin Gaunt, took his wand and went to the Riddle house where he killed his muggle father and grandparents with Morfin's wand. Then he came back and implanted his uncle with a false memory and stole from him the ring with the Resurrection Stone on it. Grindelwald may have had a vision of a young man from Little Hangleton carrying the last hallow. Does that mean Grindelwald wanted to recruit them both, just like Credence? Maybe he wanted to visit Riddle at Wool's orphanage in London?
Gaunt and Barebone are synonyms. Gaunt means scrawny, haggard. Barebone means skinny, scrag. In Circus Arcanus, Credence befriended one of the most loyal Lord Voldemort's servants, Nagini. Credence is from the old pure-blood family... but not Lestrange. Voldemort, in addition to Merope, Morfin and Marvolo Gaunts, had an ancestor named Corvinus Gaunt, who lived in the 1700s and hid the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets under the sink when the elaborate plumbing system was installed in Hogwarts. "Corvinus" also is the diminutive of "Corvus", which derives "raven". Credence supposed to be Corvus.
Grindelwald was expelled from Durmstrang in 1899, due his twisted experiments, even in a school famous for teaching the dark magic, they stopped turning a blind eye to his antics. Aberforth Dumbledore told Harry, Ron and Hermione in Hog's Head Inn in Hogsmeade, that Grindelwald had something on his conscience before Ariana died. Does that mean he murdered someone in Durmstrang?
I think that this legendary duel will take place, where it's all started, where Grindelwald met Dumbledore, where they made a Blood Pact, where they share their plans for searching the Deathly Hallows and coming out of hiding from the muggles, where Ariana was killed.
After the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry Potter fixed his wand with the Elder Wand. Probably in the same case, Dumbledore, after winning the duel vs Grindelwald, used the Elder Wand to repair Hagrid's wand, then placed it in an pink umbrella.
When Dumbledore defeated Grindelwald and imprisoned him in one of the cells of Nurmengard, a fortress that Grindelwald built for his enemies, Grindelwald will likely give Dumbledore a vision of the worst evil that the wizarding world will face: LORD VOLDEMORT.
A lot of content and reading, but what do you think about it?
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Why would we buy it from the United States, that has a much less efficient (and consequently pricier per litre) source?
Porque o Bolsonaro é cachorrinho do Donald Trump. Trump pede e o Bolsonaro...
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Dumb & Dumber's let 250k (so far) people die coming to Netflix this August.
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She might take a while to go to Bam's side if she thinks this is the way to make him stronger. I would expect she will change sides in the end of this arc or in the end of the promised Princesses arc.
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GoHS already had a pretty bad story bit to adapt with the wedding arc, even according to the webcomic readers I've seen talking about in the thread, and the pacing was really odd. Everything was so...
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Also, apparently she was...
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By the virtue of being an attractive woman on the internet, whatever she did will be escalated one hundred times.
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It's inspiring to see those rehabilitation stories. I'll share this with my church priest as soon as my adopted cousin teaches me how to share this stuff online.
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In the anime, Kirishima can be already ruled out for his participation on Bakugo's rescue and the fact that All for One had no idea about it.
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I hate this take down culture. It seems that a sure fire way to get success on Youtube is to attack another Youtuber... until you will be the one being attacked
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The link to the original fanart is thus. YSHEAN is a great IzuOcha artist, it might be worthy to follow them.
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I really like how the artist incorporated their hero uniforms into the Naruto-style clothing.
Anyways, here is the ninja link to the fanart if you want...
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He is the heart of the class, after all.
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It's a shame since it was created by Satoshi Mizukami, who I believe was working for the first time with anime but it is an established name in the manga industry.
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I see this kind of mentality from the meme a lot on the internet. While I do believe they are on the younger side, they are definitively older than 10. More like teenagers and such, at least here on...
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Planet With
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From all the manga available, why this one? It doesn't have plot. Just... why? And how are they going to make an anime out of this?
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A lot of anitubers have been talking about it lately. Finally they are paying attention to manga as a media. Just on Jump, we also have Chainsaw Man and Act-Age, together with Spy x Family that are...
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And it will happen with Fortnite in the future as well.
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I can vouch for this one. It happened with a friend of the pastor of my church's nephew.
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Blushing link to the original fanart
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The comforting link to the original fanart
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When Zahard projection of himself appeared at the end of the Hidden Floor arc and almost killed Bam.
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The singing link to the original fanart with bonus TodoMomo and guests.
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Endorsi gets an important first place in the seeding, getting away from Iino and Bakarina until the finals and also getting in the same side of the other ToG girls, possibly avoiding spite-voting in...
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Source of this beautiful fanart
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Tenso. Estava bem até sexta, foi internado no sábado. Ele era muito gente boa.
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Terrifying yet beautiful scene
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He then kills the anti-masker and turns out the twist is that he is the hero of the story
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Here is the link
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Troy is making a bunch of questions to LeVar Burton about Star Trek. One of the questions is 'Why don't they call it Planet Trek?', because they don't go to a star ever, not even one...
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I love this one! Super comfy and really adorable art.
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Cute art!
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The adorable source
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2020.07.31 16:17 xSeyoo A boomercel story.

So, for most people here, I may be a boomer in the incel stuff. It happened around 2009/2010. Orkut was huge in my country at the time. Facebook was still comming in slowly.
I’m 27 (almost 28) from Brazil. Lets go for some context.
I was never really good in developing intimacy with women. When I was a kid, I would only befriend and trully Interact with other boys. The reasons I don’t really know. I also never chased girls. I have a history of domestic violence and child abuse, so maybe that’s the point who started it all.
I was aways an average dude in looks. In the middle to late ten years I was actually above average in muscle mass. I was aways a gym head and practiced several martial arts. And that was in a small town, so it wasn’t very common and everyone knew me for that. Besides that, girls showing intrest was not a common thing. I just didn’t Interact with them unless necessary.
So the incel stuff came up. It was not called incel back then. It was just a group of people within some orkut communities talking about how girls never wanted the nice guys, giving advice on how to become a Bull. It soon started to become more and more racial. The guy behind it all was a white supremacist and started to flow that ideology to the dudes who were desperate for community. So, the "Chad villain" in that community was a muscular criminal style black guy who would get all the girls and leave us with nothing.
Even I was seduced by it. Using the memory of a german Great-grandfather , I decided to feel like a full blooded nordic, even though most of my family is actually black or higly mixed (in Brazil, light skinned means white, so most of the latin dudes you see in the US will be called white in Brasil).
How did I leave all of that crap behind? I decided to check on the enemy, to see what hellish plans they had to put nice white guys in misery. So I checked a femminist community. Lots of hate at first, but then it started to make a lot of sense. It didn't take long untill I was out ot that circle completely.
Understanding that other people groups also have their problems helped a lot. And many times, their problems were very similar to mine.
What did change in my life? Only my humanity. Still a virgin and haven't kissed a girl. But man, getting your humanity and empathy back, being capable to look beyond your own pain is a gift. Try that.
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fzkift9 in anime on 29 Jul 20 (1pts):
Endorsi gets an important first place in the seeding, getting away from Iino and Bakarina until the finals and also getting in the same side of the other ToG girls, possibly avoiding spite-voting in...
fzjs7i9 in IzuOcha on 28 Jul 20 (4pts):
Source of this beautiful fanart
fziyc3l in brasil on 28 Jul 20 (21pts):
Tenso. Estava bem até sexta, foi internado no sábado. Ele era muito gente boa.
fzhe8ni in interestingasfuck on 28 Jul 20 (1pts):
Terrifying yet beautiful scene
fzhdyk6 in WhitePeopleTwitter on 28 Jul 20 (2pts):
He then kills the anti-masker and turns out the twist is that he is the hero of the story
fzhbxl7 in IzuOcha on 28 Jul 20 (3pts):
Here is the link
fzh6p67 in community on 28 Jul 20 (10pts):
Troy is making a bunch of questions to LeVar Burton about Star Trek. One of the questions is 'Why don't they call it Planet Trek?', because they don't go to a star ever, not even one...
fzh4702 in IzuOcha on 28 Jul 20 (13pts):
I love this one! Super comfy and really adorable art.
fzh40fg in BokuNoShipAcademia on 28 Jul 20 (9pts):
Cute art!
fzgcdrz in IzuOcha on 27 Jul 20 (5pts):
The adorable source
fzfruzz in IzuOcha on 27 Jul 20 (2pts):
fzfa925 in MurderedByWords on 27 Jul 20 (2pts):
It's like BanVideoGames all over again. Gamers get too defensive about this kind of stuff and don't see what is obviously a blatant joke
fzf65y2 in anime on 27 Jul 20 (1pts):
New? Just read the best girl contest threads
fzf4hlm in manga on 27 Jul 20 (139pts):
Turns out he would eventually get a better on volleyball and maybe Fujiwara as a teacher had nothing to do with his improvement or maybe even hold him back a little.
fzdzgak in Valiria on 27 Jul 20 (3pts):
Belo texto. Eu diria que Stannis é o personagem não POV mais complexo, visto que vemos ele por vários personagem e ele é falado por vários outros.
[...] especialmente porque ele [Renly] mesmo...
fzdyigd in Endorsi on 27 Jul 20 (2pts):
Miku from Kaguya is the favorite by a country mile. Kaguya is one of the biggest shows right now, with a pretty fanatical fanbase and Miku has a lot of fans.
fzdyg8c in SpyxFamily on 27 Jul 20 (42pts):
When Spy x Family gets an anime adaptation, this chapter will be the one I'll look forward the most
fzdvp2c in TowerofGod on 27 Jul 20 (9pts):
Solve the eternal debate between Imperial vs Metric units by adopting Viole units.
fzdg8m6 in anime on 27 Jul 20 (2pts):
fzdfbap in IzuOcha on 27 Jul 20 (2pts):
I keep getting flagged as spam, fuck reddit.
Anyways, here is the source
fzcye41 in BanVideoGames on 27 Jul 20 (16pts):
I love good examples of parenting. From what newspaper this comic is from? I'll have to make sure my children read and follow the example with my grandchildren.
  • Robert, sent through a telegram.
fzcxi9t in TowerofGod on 27 Jul 20 (5pts):
She be looking fine
fzc04ei in IzuOcha on 26 Jul 20 (6pts):
Here is the source for the IzuOcha fanart and a bunch of others.
fzbm3ln in TowerofGod on 26 Jul 20 (6pts):
I don't understand. People are complaining about this being a shonen?
fzblini in madmen on 26 Jul 20 (23pts):
The drunk pitch is the funniest scene in the show.
fzbd5jv in anime on 26 Jul 20 (7pts):
Requirements: watch Precure
fzbbcx6 in BokuNoShipAcademia on 26 Jul 20 (4pts):
I honestly get the crumb obsession. I would probably be like this if I shipped them. I generally like "canon" ships (or rather what I think it will be canon) so I am used to getting actual canon...
fzb8zwk in manga on 26 Jul 20 (4pts):
I ended up pitying Nightfall in the end there. Yor and Anya are just too powerful (cute) to face.
fzb4j68 in Gamingcirclejerk on 26 Jul 20 (2pts):
There are a bunch of nerd channels who'd love that Brie Larson gets this part. Like that guy who made hundreds of Captain Marvel videos despite not caring about it. It's a guarantee topic for more...
fza0q21 in IzuOcha on 26 Jul 20 (7pts):
Here is the link
fz9o0j4 in asoiaf on 26 Jul 20 (5pts):
I think you misread my comment? The mother thing is just Catelyn, not Cersei. But I agree with your view of Cersei. She is a complete narcissist and only "cares" about her children (and Jaime)...
fz8vthy in madmen on 25 Jul 20 (21pts):
Considering how angry at him she was at her last appearance, she probably figured out.
fz8vqud in madmen on 25 Jul 20 (13pts):
Not implied, it was outright said it was a drug-induced dream.
fz8vc8d in asoiaf on 25 Jul 20 (57pts):
Probably Davos, the every man of Westeros. He is trying to do the best he can for what he thinks it's the right thing to do in a somewhat doomed cause.
Honorable mentions to Brienne (very similar...
fz8uqf8 in asoiaf on 25 Jul 20 (1pts):
Martin is a genius building tragedies, both in the characters' journey as well in the grand escale of things.
fz8uigt in madmen on 25 Jul 20 (2pts):
I would say that Duck was way less justified than Jimmy. Duck fucks himself more than Don, who was only standing his ground in what could have been considered a pure business decision in the merger.
fz8qbqn in madmen on 25 Jul 20 (2pts):
Yeah. He mocked that woman, who was hiring him, for no reason at all except being a gratuitous asshole. His apology was forced by Don Draper and completely insincere. He doesn't have much of a moral...
fz7lff6 in manga on 25 Jul 20 (30pts):
Yuri, Vampires, Nuns with Guns
Motherfucker, if that doesn't sell a series, nothing will.
fz7kyin in BokuNoShipAcademia on 25 Jul 20 (9pts):
KamiJiro dynamics is the same from Andy and April from Parks and Recreation. I was binging some videos like this one of them on Youtube when the realization hit me.
fz7kq7d in anime on 25 Jul 20 (7pts):
And Crunchyroll is heavily promoting it. Every Youtube ad that I get is shilling GoH. I remember only seeing one Re:Zero ad, in comparison.
fz7klzz in anime on 25 Jul 20 (22pts):
Can you imagine in an alternative timeline where corona is just a brand of beer and all those heavy-hitters (except GoH) aired at once? The karma wars would be insane.
fz6st1o in BanVideoGames on 25 Jul 20 (11pts):
Unfortunately, g&mers don't care about statistics. They'll say something about that is photostore or whatever those people say to discredit true facts
fz6266h in IzuOcha on 25 Jul 20 (6pts):
Here is the source
fz5z35z in TowerofGod on 25 Jul 20 (2pts):
It's way larger than an entire city. According to a blog post, the floors are the size of North America, which puts the tower at the size of several Earths. And a character said that the outside...
fz5hcve in anime on 25 Jul 20 (18pts):
There is something about her that is so believable that even though with the overall tone of the show being really silly, it makes you viscerally hate her because you knew someone this manipulative...
fz52w5c in TowerofGod on 24 Jul 20 (1pts):
That arc develops the Sweet-and-Sour as team, mellows down Bam again, properly introduces FUG and we see Urek Mazino for the first time.
fz50pbr in anime on 24 Jul 20 (10pts):
I mean, in my opinion the manga actually mellowed her down during the whole arc with Azami only to completely throw her development and agency in the trash fire of a final arc. It's hard to imagine...
fz4s0ux in Endorsi on 24 Jul 20 (1pts):
Shouldn't this be tagged as 'art'?
fz4r7mg in anime on 24 Jul 20 (3pts):
Reading the comments makes me remember the threads bashing the manga.
fz3t774 in ShadowBan on 24 Jul 20 (1pts):
fz2q8we in BanVideoGames on 24 Jul 20 (7pts):
I admire your patience and optimism in trying to save those otherwise lost souls from the big evil G. Thank you so much for what you are trying to do for the world.
fz2fjlx in OnePunchMan on 24 Jul 20 (2pts):
fz2ezyi in BokuNoHeroAcademia on 24 Jul 20 (0pts):
This is such an amazing concept to take. Have you ever posted other art with different color like this one? That would be interesting to see.
fz21j3g in IzuOcha on 24 Jul 20 (3pts):
fz1t61j in BokuNoHeroAcademia on 24 Jul 20 (21pts):
There is no way for Gran Torino to make the list. He's old and nobody knows him, not even Midoriya knew him. He wasn't a famous hero at his time and he isn't one now. He is 'just' All Might's...
fz1quh5 in ShadowBan on 24 Jul 20 (1pts):
fz1qnxn in anime on 24 Jul 20 (5pts):
We ask the real questions here at anime. Hard-hitting stuff
fz1oqhe in TowerofGod on 24 Jul 20 (3pts):
  1. Hoh sorry
fz1jpdh in Gamingcirclejerk on 24 Jul 20 (1pts):
They have very poor understanding of the narrative and not just from TLOU2. Just consume product, do not reflect about product, I guess
submitted by MarkdownShadowBot to CommentRemovalChecker [link] [comments]

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