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Huang Xiaoming Wiki: Salary, Married, Wedding, Spouse, Family Xiaoming Huang was born on November 13, 1977 in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China. He is an actor and producer, known for Ip Man 2 (2010), American Dreams in China (2013) and Shen diao xia lu (2006). He has been married to Angelababy since May 27, 2015. They have one child Chinese actress, singer, and model Angelababy—dubbed the 'Kim Kardashian of China'—wed actor Huang Xiaoming in an extravagant ceremony that cost nearly three times as much as Kimye's lavish ... AngelaBaby’s husband is Xiaoming Huang. The couple started dating in 2009. AngelaBaby is a Pisces. Pisces are caring, intuitive mates and favor the security of long-term monogamous relationships. The most compatible signs with Pisces are generally considered to be Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn. The least compatible signs with Pisces ... Before dating Huang, Angelababy was in a four-year relationship with celebrity William Chan. She was also linked to K-pop star G-Dragon. Huang announced their wedding by posting their marriage ... Since August 2009, Huang Xiao Ming has been romantically linked with model, Angelababy.The pair never admitted their relationship publicly. On May 20 th, while filming The Orphan of Chao <赵氏孤儿>, Xiao Ming secretly met with Angelababy in Hong Kong. The next day, Angelababy arrived in Beijing on a business trip and spent the night with Xiao Ming. Above: Huang Xiaoming’s new girlfriend is Wen Xin? In July 2013, various reports claimed that 36-year-old mainland Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming(黄晓明) have broken up with his girlfriend of nearly four years, 24-year-old actress Angelababy.Though both have neither confirmed nor denied the breakup rumors, it appears that the couple has indeed split for good. Zhang Mingen’s stance started to change when Barbie Hsu (大S) asked him if he was dating on the reality dating show, “Dream Space 2” (恋梦空间2), where both are on the panel. Zhang Mingen is taken aback and is shy about responding. At first he replies, “How do I say it…you can say I have a lot of rich experiences. Of course, this is a long time coming. Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming are known to be together but neither have officially confirmed it ... not until on Feb. 28th when Huang Xiaoming surprised Angelababy at her 25th birthday party with a bouquet of red roses and a reportedly $2 million HKD black matte Lamborghini. A fter spending 3 hours together with friends in an Italian restaurant where the ... Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy’s two-year-old son Little Sponge is a star is his own right. And he’s been travelling with his mum on almost all her work trips ever since he was a baby because Angelababy simply can’t stand being away from him. Ming dao dating - Join the leader in rapport services and find a date today. Join and search! Want to meet eligible single woman who share your zest for life? Indeed, for those who've tried and failed to find the right man offline, footing can provide. Men looking for a man - Women looking for a man.

Analysis on the Relationship between Vengo Gao & Dilraba Dilmurat (Gao Weiguang & Dilireba)

2020.04.03 08:29 reddituser5639 Analysis on the Relationship between Vengo Gao & Dilraba Dilmurat (Gao Weiguang & Dilireba)

hello, cdrama. i discovered this subreddit today and have been on here all day, instead of doing what i'm supposed to (online classes ) this is a long analysis, be warned. i have seen a lot of love for three lives, three worlds, the pillowbook (also known as eternal love of dream) and three lives, three worlds, ten miles of peach blossoms (eternal love)
this post is a discussion/analysis on the relationship between vengo gao and dilraba (who, out of habit, i will refer to as gwg and dlrb). i looked at the sub description beforehand and it said that i could post this bc it's about my favourite actors and it's a discussion. sort of. :)
i'm pretty sure that most here know who i'm talking about, the actors who played feng jiu and dong hua in peach blossoms and the pillowbook. gwg and dlrb have a very interesting and intertwined relationship, that's for sure. i became obsessed with them when i watched peach blossoms and i don't think i'm getting out anytime soon.
i'm going to divide this analysis by "eras".
the early years: 2013-2015
dlrb and gwg met when they were both signed into jaywalk studios, yang mi's studio. they played a couple for their first drama together, V-Love (Ying Dong and Amber) (the drama is available on YT)
they became very good friends, often commenting/reposting on the other's weibo posts. during the years between 2013-2015, the posts were often somewhat flirtatious.
some examples: gwg posting a couple pictures of himself, rb commenting "uncle, you're pretty hot" (2014) (please forgive my poor translations)
drama weibo account posting a bts picture of gwg and rb, gwg saying "she is always by the side, laughing" and rb replies, "because i'm the woman behind your back" (2013),
on a drama post where they were in together (not as a couple) V-Love drama account posted a picture of them sitting next to eat other making cute faces and gwg comments "classmate amber, for the pilaf tonight, i will fight to the death with you", rb replies "i will try to give you a little bit, just a little bit" (2013) ,
on the occasion where gwg jokes that some hu ge fans misrecognized him as hu ge, rb comments "you are so pitiful, next time, before you take photos, reveal your identity to the fans please", gwg replies "you also look like hu ge" (2013)
gwg makes a joke to li xirui (used to be signed w/ jaywalk) and rb replies "uncle, you dug the hole and jumped in it, is it fun down there?". gwg replies "you should jump down with me! there is still room, it suits you, pang di (dlrb nickname, means fat di)" (2015)
gwg replies to rb regarding inside joke ab drama "in fact, the first time you gave me that, i rejected you" (2015)
on 05/20/15, rb reposts a video of gwg being "flirty" (haha that's a joke ) w his male costar saying "i should be under the car, not inside the car, so i don't see how cute you guys are" gwg replies, "such a special day, is that all you say to me? girlfriend! " (context: May 20th in chinese sounds like "i love you" so it's used as a day to tell your crush you like them) (2015)
gwg reposts a selfie of him and dlrb (that she originally posted) and captions it "post kill" (homophone w sofa) , rb replies "what are you doing? trying to act cool like the city people - o -" gwg replies "countryside people wouldn't get it - o -" (2015)
YT link: sword of legends press conference video <-- dlrb sticks to gwg like a magnet
it is well known that rb likes chibi Maruko-chan and gwg posts a selfie titled "classmate hua lun" (he is the love interest of the main character) (2013)
gwg petting her hands & touching her back during V-Love press conference (2014)
awards show: gwg posting a picture of himself in a hotel room in the background a pair of very, very tall heels were seen (rb was the only one who's shoes were not seen in pictures out of their studio, she was also much taller than normal) (2014)
airport photos: gwg captions some airport candids of him and rb "... the question is, reba, when did you go from pang di (fat di) to a goddess?" (2014)
YT link to press conference of Mr. Pride vs Ms. Prejudice (w/ english subtitles) there's shorter videos, but those don't have english subtitles. for those who don't watch it, the way rb acts, it's like gwg is the male lead and not zhang yunlong (leon zhang).
an interview was filmed w/ the two of them called "Revealing the Drama Truth", jaywalk promoted it, and there were promo photos of them in the room, but even after the promo, it was very soon deleted off the face of the earth, never to see light again. people who saw it says that rb says "let's become public [their relationship]" to gwg. articles have been written about those lines, but are very quickly deleted. very very suspicious...
i could go on for "the early years" but i'm tired ( there's so more)
con.: the chinese weibo community has a slight general consensus that they became official around 04/17/13 bc of matching weibo posts about being happy on the same date and a weird post from gwg ab flowers (captions flowers "looking at it, she really is beautiful" flowers' pronoun is not she) generally, during these years, they were still little, and dlrb wasn't popular at all (not to even mention gwg) so they were sweet and cute.
the era of peach blossoms: 2016-2017
much less weibo activity: dlrb becomes much more famous during peach blossoms
rb posts a meme describing how the longer she stays at taichen palace, the more debts she has to repay dijun, and captions it "changed a way of chasing him." gwg replies "today, we add another [debt]" rb replies, "the heartless gao weiguang" (2017)
gwg posts scene of fengjiu saying "when i woke up, there were a pair of eyes looking at me, so affectionate that you could squeeze water out of them." (remember when they were in the mortal realm and she saved dijun from drowning? ) and the third picture is of him in fengjiu's arms with the line beneath it changed to "because i am the affectionate gao weiguang" (reference to his weibo name , the affectionate gao weiguang) and captions it "no problems seen here". (2017)
peach blossom promo post: rb captions a drawing of fengjiu with "i will be in the peach blossom forest and turn into fengjiu, disregarding three lives, doesn't matter which three worlds, all only for you." (2017)
on february 13th, rb takes a selfie with YSL perfume, captioning it "fengjiu truly likes dijun like no other, with this "lose soul fruit", i don't believe that this 10,000 year old metal tree won't flower"on february 14th, gwg takes a picture of him looking at the same exact YSL perfume, captions it "since it is the day of lovers, i would like to see how powerful this "lose soul fruit" is" maybe rb gave it to gwg? (2017)
january 9th, 2017: reba livestreams-- comments ask if she's eaten, she says "wei (weiguang)- I have already ordered takeaway" (the chinese word for "I" is wo (我) ), later, you can hear a male voice say "seafood noodles" and at various times you can hear the male voice again. during the livestream, she also cues gwg, saying "your guang uncle (nickname for gwg), weiguang, gao tiantian (another nickname), i also bully him" laughs...
press conference for peach blossoms <-- interesting unable to open water bottle and hands it conveniently over zhang binbin to gwg, other cute onstage moments ( :( no english subs) (2017)
YT link to when they were on happy camp together <-- at 2:46, gwg says "i do" to rb, and her eyes are teary. (this is where i started shipping them!!!11!!) (reminiscent of wedding vows much?) (2017)
i couldn't find one video where all the bts for peach blossoms is posted, but if you watch all the bts for peach blossoms you will find that they are really very cute. (ex. piggy back riding rb, rb fixing his hair while he carries her, them playing little hand games (very similar to zhao liying and feng shaofeng bts from the monkey king 3) , various teasing rb times, saying to rb in english, "hey yo what's up baby" (the subtitles only wrote "hey yo what's up" but if you read his lips, he says "baby". (tmpb was filmed in 2016)
peach blossoms cast interviews: gwg says that rb often steals his phone while he's playing video games and only hands it back when his phone is out of battery, in a diff. interview rb says she will often go into his wechat (chinese whatsapp) and send random texts to his friends, leaving gwg to explain what happened (this interview is on paper) (2017)
rb is asked "do you think that any sparks flew while you and gao weiguang were filming?" she says "gao weiguang and i have no sparks." and laughs sheepishly for a long time. (we like to compare this interview question to where dijun asks fengjiu "what is the relationship between your aunt and kunlun xu?" and fengjiu replies "my aunt and kunlun xu are not related in any way" (2017)
rb is asked what is the most sexy thing a man can do and she says "watching you" she is also asked what the most sexy thing a woman can do and she says "winking". gwg is asked the latter question and he also says "winking". (2017? )
okay there's much more for this but this is a pretty good amount of the stuff for the peach blossom years~ con: from the bts, still pretty clear that they have something going on...
the era of drought: 2018-2019
during the years of 2018-2019, dlrb was massively hated on for two reasons: ludi cp & golden eagle goddess award. ludi cp is the shipping of luhan (EXO) and reba because of a variety show that she participated in, running man. when luhan made his relationship public w/ guan xiaotong, reba started getting massive amounts of hate. reba also won the golden eagle award which also garnered hate as she was up against yang zi and people thought she didn't deserve it.
dlrb did not have any dramas air in 2019. generally, both of them stayed on the down-low.
pillowbook was filmed in 2018.
one cute moment--> gwg went on an interview show (very quiet distance) with jing li, who had filmed a clip of reba describing him and then asked him to describe reba. YT link to said part of interview
link to gwg wishing dlrb a happy birthday ← rb hosts a birthday party with her fans and has a video of various celebrity friends wishing her happy birthday
link to douyin video ← reba copies gwg’s douyin (tiktok) to wish a happy new year (2019)
link to pillowbook press conference ← they’ve become less obvious, haven’t they?
i don’t remember there being that much during these two years, which is why it’s called the drought.
the era of the pillowbook: 2019-2020
technically speaking, 2018 sort of counts, but we didn’t actually get the content until 2020. around 12/19, the broadcasting date for the pillowbook was confirmed. it started airing on 01/22/20.
tencent filmed “four lives four worlds” as reactions and little skits for promo. (reaction) (reaction) (reaction) (reaction) (reaction) (skit) (skit) (skit) (skit) (skit) (skit) (skit)
there’s not a lot of bts of these two together (we’ll discuss), but the ones that exist are also on YT for you to watch.
when the drama aired its final episode, both gwg and dlrb posted farewell videos.
现在想要对东华说,希望,在未来,你可以永远把她当作自己的小狐狸,永远宠爱她,然后如果小九有什么,就是,呃,淘气的地方(突然感觉把自己女儿交给别人)淘气的地方,希望你可以永远都摸摸她的鼻子,跟她说,没关系,我会在。然后,呃,还有一点点就是希望你能够去,跟其他女人保持距离(笑)因为,因为小九她是一个很爱吃醋然后又很,很有性格的女孩儿。所以我希望东华可以对小九永远偏爱,一直宠爱她,无限的坦诚。就比如说像之前姬衡那么久的事情,希望你早点说是不是?就是有什么话当下把这事就给解决了,好吧?这就是对东华说的,希望你可以永远爱凤九。(the actual words for chinese readers)
“tonight, our “three lives, three worlds, the pillowbook” will air its final episode. it can be said that all the rocks in the heart have been let go, as from 2016 when i first met xiao jiu, to 2018, when i could more completely portray her to the audience.
from 2016 when i first portrayed fengjiu, i did some homework on animal like movements, and to the next time i portrayed her in 2018, i feel that she had a lot of character development, like a character development arc, like myself… (talks ab her development)
i hope that in her world, [he] can forever favour her, forever dote on her. in fact, from the beginning, i believed that donghua liked fengjiu, so from their first meeting, to all the things between, to when they have gungun, i think this is similar to the stages in a person’s life.
now i want to say to donghua, i hope that in the future, you will forever cherish her as your little fox, forever favour her, forever dote on her. and if xiao jiu has any, um, naughty/troublemaking tendencies, you will always pet her nose and tell her, “it’s okay, i am always here.”. and also, uh, hope you can keep your distance with other girls (laughs), because, because, uh, xiao jiu really likes to be jealous, and is also, has a very specific type of personality. so i hope that donghua will always favour xiao jiu and always dote on her. and also be limitlessly truthful. like for example that whole thing with ji heng? i wish that you had said something sooner. like, if there’s anything you have, solve it better sooner than later, okay? this is what i have to say to donghua, i hope you will love fengjiu forever.” (trans. i did my best forgive me ;( )
“to fengjiu, i want to say, even though we had a lot of misunderstandings, but we had a heart that loved each other. we will last through the ages… and, also, don’t be jealous anymore, i only love you, from the start, i’ve only loved you.
also, my rivals in love, even though you guys didn’t have much considerable competitive strength, xiao yan, ye qingti, meng shao, chen ye (wait, chen ye is myself, never mind), and of course the least competitive si ming, take care of yourselves.”
(dis. i’ve cut both farewell messages for the more important parts) even though they were posted on the same day, from the outfits they were wearing, you can tell that dlrb filmed hers while she filmed four lives four worlds (around october 2019) and gwg filmed his the same day of his livestream (march 2020)
did you notice something? rb’s was filmed first, and gwg’s was a “reply” of sorts. (“don’t be jealous”, “i’ve only ever loved you”) another thing to mention: fengjiu is notoriously known for not being jealous, (anyone who’s read the book knows), she wasn’t jealous of ji heng, she was just sad that dijun chose ji heng. however, dlrb has said in interviews that she is a jealous girlfriend. also, while rb’s is said in the format of reba telling donghua this and that, gwg directly used the pronouns “I” and “you”.
weibo posts: on lvzhou, rb posts a picture of a manga show where the main character is eating crab legs, captions it “suddenly i really want to eat [crab legs]!!! but i myself am only brave enough to eat crab leg meat” the same day, gwg posts a picture of himself in a hotel room in a position (to me) that looks like a crab, captions “what should i eat for a late night snack?” also to be mentioned: gwg is dressed in the same outfit he wore when he had a promo event (not for pillowbook) with reba (confirmed same day with a specific flyaway hair (yes i know we’re slightly crazy) ) (03/24/2020)
lvzhou: rb posts another manga show screenshot of a character going to eat hotpot, gwg posts a picture of hotpot seasoning (same day ish), rb captions the picture “the hand is so cute!”, 5 days before she posted that, gwg had posted a picture of a plastic paw, captioning it “cute” (04/02/2020)
bts bits: we’ll analyze more later, but here’s specific moments from the very little bts they’ve given us: ng-ing during a kiss scene, holding hands underwater during the water scene, singing together, gwg makes a cute face at rb while they walk through a scene, rb stumbles while they listen to the director and gwg pulls her into his arms (originally i thought they were walking through the scene, but then you can tell that the worker next to reba moves to catch her so she did actually fall)
analysis time:
okay i’ve given a general timeline and all that’s involved within the different eras (of course we could go deeper within the specific eras, but then i would most definitely go over the word limit and procrastinate my online classes even more), so it’s some time for analysis.
the general guangre (that’s the ship name of gwg & dlrb, it means light-heat) fan consensus is that they started dating around 2013-2014, and are still together now.
from “the early years” body language, it’s pretty clear that they both like each other, and i do believe that they were together by the time gwg calls her “girlfriend” on 05/20/2015. they really were so adorable in their fetus years.
they were the most obvious (on camera) during the peach blossom era. the numerous flirtatious games, teasing, piggyback rides, staring at rb during variety shows, and my personal favourite, where they make their “vows” to accompany each other during happy camp and reba smiles at him like he’s her entire world and her eyes have tears in them-- you cannot deny that they were dating/in love at that time.
during the “drought”, 2018/2019, i personally believe that they were still together. they filmed pillowbook during 2018 and both reba and gwg said that 2018 was a meaningful year for them, and the bts shows that they’re still sweet and cute. now, many have made the argument that they are not as sweet as they were in the peach blossoms bts, which i do think is true, but you also have to consider another factor at play here: jaywalk. (remember this. this is important.)
four lives four worlds was filmed during the end of 2019, and we have cute moments such as reba turning back to squeeze gwg’s sweater, reba complaining to gwg that he left her at their wedding when he said “boyfriend level max” when he handed the ring to her, the interesting fact that rb turned around to look directly at gwg when they kissed onscreen. and the most ground evidence we have for 2020 are the farewell messages.
i think that i have proved my point about their relationship up to this point. now to some interesting treatment of them.
jaywalk, you suck:
jaywalk studios is the studio that both dlrb, gwg, yang mi, zhang binbin, zhang yunlong, liu ruilin, etc. are signed to. jaywalk did not promote dlrb until she unexpectedly became famous after diamond lovers and peach blossoms. jaywalk did not promote gwg (to the point that they didn’t give him a male lead role until he auditioned for candle in the tomb himself and fans petitioned for him for pillowbook, and he wasn’t even set to play donghua dijun in peach blossoms, it was the director that changed it) and still does a pretty sucky job at promoting him even though he’s become much more popular within the last 3 months of pillowbook airing.
even though they’ve starred together in 7 products, there’s only three where they are a couple (the first they worked on, V-Love, and peach blossoms & pillowbook-- and 1 movie where he’s the second lead)
jaywalk is notorious for what we call 炒cp (gossip/argue couple) which means to promote the shipping of the two celebrities for more fame( they did it for zhang yunlong & rb (v awkward), zhang binbin & rb, and luhan & rb (where she got numerous hate)) however, a very interesting point to point out is that they have never, ever promoted the shipping of rb & gwg. even when dongfeng (donghua dijun & fengjiu) cp was at its peak during peach blossom airing, they did not say a word, instead, they made a fake video of gwg at a hotel with a double and made it seem like he was in a relationship w/ a mystery girl) (03/2017) (this video can be found on YT)
then, next march, they send another picture of a liya (love interest in candle of the tomb) “coming out of where he lives”, saying he was dating her. {double standard: when he had a kiss scene w/ her and she started laughing, he hit her. when dlrb started laughing, he holds her and asks softly, “what’s wrong?”} (03/2018)
then, next next march, he was filming a drama w/ ma yili. ma yili was recently divorced and a great target. they didn’t even have any pictures this time, they just said that gwg was ma yili’s new boyfriend. (03/2019)
we have a running joke in our shipping community that 每逢三月,送女友 (every march, they gift a new girlfriend)
during the drought era, they had two promo brand events where it was only them two. jaywalk only posted seperate photos and seperate posts of them, not even of them being on the same stage. this is the beginning of the end. mark this, si ming.
the battle of the alices:
as i have mentioned, dilireba’s fans are called alices (爱丽丝, ai li si) (ai= love, li= dilireba, si= fan) most of them are quite obsessive, and all of them hate it when rb is grouped with another man (i’m pretty sure they’ve attacked huang jingyu a bit)
it’s not like they don’t have a good reason, as i have said, rb was massively hated for the ludi shipping. however, they seem to really, really hate gao weiguang.
when jaywalk posted pictures of gwg & rb (si ming?) the alices marched into the comment section of gwg’s pictures and started attacking him. mentioned topics included “he’s not good enough for her” & “he’s an old man” & other not nice things) this was the start of a war that hasn’t ended.
when pillowbook started airing, they said “omg he’s so ugly” “he doesn’t deserve to be costars w/ her” “he’s so old”, “he’s already married & has children”.
when they found out that there was a large following shipping them, they became worse. they dug out old (2012 and before) photos of gwg with his ex girlfriend, they found pictures of him w/ models next to him (still v old photos), as well as a post where someone had posted a picture of baby shoes and tagged him.
it is guangre consensus that we have one confirmed ex-girlfriend, yang yinyin. they broke up before he was an actor. the baby shoes were a satirical jab at the tabloid articles saying he had children from a friend, and we can see from bts w/ the gungun actor that he doesn’t know how to act around children.
occasionally, we have a couple jump into our weibo community and start commenting, but they get blocked quickly. they spread rumours ab him, that he’s married and has children.
dis: i’m not saying that all alices are like this, but the vast majority do not like him and attack him. thankfully, gwg does have his own fanbase (that has an average speaking, older age) called donuts, who are not as childish and do not attack rb.
wow. i spent an off and on six ish hours doing this instead of my homework. good job me. i want to know what this subreddit thinks of them/my analysis/research on them!
also i know that generally in american pop culture it is much less popular to ship real people, but i think that if you have the evidence that they’re dating and you don’t actively try and bother the actors (it’s a rule in the weibo community that we can’t use full names or @ their accounts) and stay on the downlow then it’s our own personal opinion free to have.
what do you think of the guangre ship? do you think they’re cute?

(edit for visiting photos & link)
hi i just remembered some totally huge thing--
when rb was filming sweet dreams w/ deng lun, we saw leaked photos & videos of gwg on set. he knocked on rb's RV. this is the most solid evidence we've gotten. she filmed sweet dreams sometime near the end of 2017, beginning of 2018.
rb fans logic was that he was there to see the director. in what world do you knock on rb's RV if you want to see the director??
link to pictures
( all in chinese, but you don't need to understand the language to look at pictures)

(edit 04/21/20)
it has come to my attention that this post has reached corners away from just this subreddit, and has also been translated to different languages. that makes me really excited!!!
this is an ongoing ship, with ongoing situations and new things happening. one shipper linked me to a soompi forum, and i have since updated that forum with many new happenings of the guangre ship. this link directly links to where i start answering and posting more information (if you're curious)
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  7. Vicki ZhaoWei, Huang Xiaoming, ChenKun on the red carpet
  8. Huang Xiaoming admits his wife Angelabay is not a good actress: 'Nothing to be ashamed of. Bad is ba

lu ding ji 08 huang xiao ming. Category People & Blogs; Song Forgotten Story 2-UPPM; Artist Udi Harpaz Vicki ZhaoWei was intimate with Huang Xiaoming at 2008 Bazaar Charitable Stars Night. Vicki ZhaoWei and ChenKun walked down the red carpet. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. 恭喜黄晓明与Angelababy喜得麟子 AH夫妇有了爱的美好延续! 黄晓明 与 Angelababy 在晚会中,虽然有着不同的分工,但不排除两人将有“合体演出”的 ... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Huang Xiaoming admits his wife Angelabay is not a good actress: 'Nothing to be ashamed of. Bad is ba Huang Xiaoming admits his wife Angelabay is not a good actress: 'Nothing to be ashamed of. The making of 'Crimes of Passion' 《一场风花雪月的事》incl interviews w/ director and cast Huang Xiaoming 黄晓明 Angelababy 一场风花雪月的事 制作特辑之黄晓明Angelababy ... Huang Xiaoming (born 13 November 1977) is a Chinese actor, singer, and model. His best known roles in television are Yang Guo in The Return of the Condor Heroes (2006) and Xu Wenqiang in Shanghai ...